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March 6, 2013 by cr15py_ch1ck3n
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Proper Way of ASSKICKIN

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

10 12 13 14 16


1 4 8 9

Essence Shift

2 3 5 7

Shadow Dance

6 11


15 17 18


March 6, 2013


Hello you wet badasses! This is my guide for Slark, who is my very favorite hero in game. When you can play Slark (what you can achieve by following my guide) you can own a whole team 1vs5 LIKE A BOSS! This is my first guide at all so please have mercy about haters even when I don´t give a ****.

Team Work

First of all to own the enemies it´s the best tactic to lane with a nuker or stealther (best of all would be a int hero who can give you mana). Range heroes are also very good because you can leash them so they can max the damage output. That´s actually all I have to say because Slark can solo a lane after lvl6 easy through health regen and stealth! :D


Because this is my first guide I haven´t figured out how you can link the skills here but I´ll just write them here so:

Dark Pact:
It´s a huge nuke that works perfect with Pounce and in critical moments you can save yourself with using it in Shadow Dance. Dark Pact isn´t a regular nuke NONONONONO after the little charge it drains damage through about 2 seconds. That means you can just chase someone or stand beside an enemy and nuke him hard! This skill breaks also almost every disable on you when you cast it before disabled it releases you with a huge BOOM!

Like I said it works very nice with Dark Pact because Pounce lets you jump into the direction you´re facing and leashes the enemy so he can´t move away from you. Then it´s time to rape that **********er! Pounce also jumps over trees and stuff and also Creeps! So you can jump out of fight if you really have to but trust me: you don´t. By the way the damage is badass too.

Essence Shift:
This skill is the best skill of Slark. With every hit you do on an enemy hero you steal this enemy 1 of every attribute and guess where they are going? THAT´S RIGHT! YOU!!! You get 3 agility with EVERY HIT! That´s why you have to skill it fast especially because that attribute boost is lost over time! So you need to lvl Essence Shift to lvl4 asap so it lasts 2 minutes!!!

Shadow Dance:
Shadow Dance is really badass because it gives you very high health regen when you´re not seen by an enemy so you can Pounce out of fight to regen a bit and then finish those suckers! You also gain movement speed when you´re not seen too, just to tell you about the passiv stuff.
The active stuff is badass too, because it cloaks Slark in a dark cloud of DEATH! It also makes him invisible too... When **** got serious you can activate Shadow Dance first then Pounce on an enemy and rape them and everyone near him with Dark Pact! NO SURVIVORS!!!

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