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Magnus - Empowered Mechanics

April 29, 2013 by bgakaze
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DotA2 Hero: Magnus

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Magnus - Empowered Mechanics

April 29, 2013

Chapter Title

This guide is under construction, when I finish i'll remove this comment. (Please don't downvote since is not finished :D).

(In next updates i'll include some images, and for sure make some corrections on imminent errors*)


Hello guys! You can call me akaze and this is my first guide, I decided to do this guide so I can learn more of the heroes I play, and share with you my thoughts about them, the first one is Magnus, since I played with him yesterday on a matchmaking game, and I found some problems that I must resolve in order to play better.

Pros / Cons

- Shockwave for harrassing and lasthitting
- Empower is a huge complement for your carry
- One of the best initiators (with blink/ultimate)
- Very resilient hero
- Good stat gain
- Have a escape ability

- BKB removes Empower
- Slow AS
- Often dependent on shockwave to farm (even in middle lane)
- Escape has a high cooldown and may not be enough to save you

Start (Middle)

As the game starts I often buy 2 Iron Branches for stats, and regen consumables so I can stay in lane, even if i must stay more defensive, since the most heroes middle dominant are ranged, Magnoceros is very resilient, and with shockwave you can last hit a couple of creeps in order to get your bottle.

As I play this hero in matchmaking games, usually i feel dependent on 2 or 3 bottle crows (if I can't get the rune), but with that and good positioning, you can last hit and harass your enemy with the same shockwave, and be able to get the 4 - 6 minute rune.

This is the time where the game turns at your favor! Get your boots and upgrade it to an Mana Boots asap! At this time, you should always carry a tp scroll, and if you have a bottled rune, you should be able to get a kill, with or without your teams help (if your openents are good, you'll need your team, so don't be overconfident).

The next and more important item for magnus is THE Blink Dagger. Getting this as the early game is coming to an end, is the most important thing in your entire game.

Now you have a great opening and your team should be able to fight, to get some towers or defend yours.

Mid Game

This is the most delicate part of the game for you, there are a lot of variables...

If your team is getting a lot of kills, is dominant, your carrys are farming and you don't lose your fights, you can just get this gold to buy some important items, like drums, bkb and maybe refresher, but this isn't always the scene.

If the game is balanced, this is the crucial time for you to know how to farm, you can't over extend in lanes, you can't get the creep waves of your carry, and you shouldn't use a lot of your hp and mana in jungle, to be ready for battle since you're crucial for your team clashes.

This is where my thoughts diverge from the usual magnus guides, most of times your role as a support is sufficient, and with this you're able to get your late game core items (black king bar and refresher), but at this point of game, I would recommend you to get Vladimir's Offering, this is a great item for it's aura, and with this you can go empowered to jungle, farm maintaining your hp at max, and have the mana regen to be ready for battle.

At this time the most important item you can purchase is the black king bar, even more if you're facing a lot of controls when you're initiating, and is getting focused down.

With this I could say you are able to do your job at the Mid Game, and should start getting your late game core items (like Refresher or Shiva's Guard) or even a Luxury or Situational item.

Late Game

So many things occured before you get here, maybe the game is over already and you don't need to be reading this part, but some point are important and need to be mentioned:

- Always empower your carry.
- In most of the competitive games I've watched recently, most Reverse Polarity's gets around 2 enemy heroes in team fights, with that in mind you should feel more confident on initiating.
-If you're getting an important kill and need to use RP, use it!
- The most important item's you should have are Blink Dagger, Black King Bar and Refresher (and 1 item to increase your mana pool, or you may not be able to use your spells after refresher, mana boots is sufficient, but you could have shiva's guard and maybe even change mana boots for treads/travel)

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