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Magina, The Mage Slayer

September 27, 2017 by zenobia45
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Build Anti-Mage Core [7.06f]

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Hero Skills

Mana Break

2 8 9 11


1 3 5 7


4 13 14 16 17

Mana Void

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

-50s Mana Void Cooldown
+20% Spell Shield
+250 Blink Cast Range
+0.1 Mana Void Damage Multiplier
+0.7s Mana Void Stun
+0.6% Max Mana Burn
-1s Blink Cooldown
+9 Strength

Magina, The Mage Slayer

September 27, 2017


Magina, The Mage Slayer. This hero is freakin AWESOME. I mean, just with his ultimate u can wipe out all the entire enemy. But, it's not easy to make this bastard going crazy.
In this guide, i will tell you HOW TO PLAY ANTI-MAGE unlike the other players.

*Cyan for items
*Purple for heroes
*Orange for skills

Pros / Cons

First of all let's see the pros and cons of this hero.
-Massive mana burn from his 1st skill
-Gank and escape machine with his 2nd skill
-Had a great magic resistance with hiis 3rd skill
-And absolutely the amazing ultimate which is have a lot damage

-Very squishy in early game
-Need farming A LOT
-Depends on item


Start with 2 tangos and 1 healing salve make you stay longer on your lane. Stout shield for your defend against harrasments and 1 iron branch for some stats.

In eary game you should've boots of speed, helm of the dominator, poor man's shield, and quelling blade. Boots of speed for run from gank or chase the enemies, quelling blade to make you farm easier, poor man's shield for more agility stat, and wait.. why helm of the dominator? because with this item you can snowball in early game. But with carefuly of course. Go to the jungle, dominate centaur for the stun and GO KILL the freakin enemies.

And now you already in mid game. You should've upgrade your boots of speed into power threads, yasha for more attack speed and movement speed, and now maelstorm? really? why you should buy maelstorm? first, maelstorm is cheaper than battlefury and the second, MAELSTORM IS CHEAPER THAN BATTLEFURY. HAHAHA not the cheap that i troubled but the function of maelstorm is not much different from battlefury. So, if you want to snowball the entaire game, you should buy maelstorm than battlefury. Because maelstorm has more attack speed that you needed to burn more the enemy's mana.

Late game has begin. Sell your power threads and buy boots of travel for split push or maybe rat. Sell your helm of the dominator and buy heart of tarrasque for faster regeneration. Upgrade your yasha and maelstorm into manta style and mjollnir. Sell your poor man's shield and buy eye of skadi for stat and slow the enemies so you can burn their mana and kill them. And last but not least, butterfly will help you finish your job.

There are some situational items like aghanim's scepter, linken's sphere, moon shard, monkey king bar, battlefury, abyssal blade. Buy aghanim's scepter or linken's sphere if you think the enemies have some serious spell, BUT DON'T BUY IT IF THE ENEMIES HAVE LEGION COMMANDER IN THEIR TEAM. Monkey king bar if the enemy have a lot evasion like phantom assassin, windranger, tinker's 1st skill, riki's smoke, and night stalker's 2nd skill, or the enemies have evasion itmes. Battlefury and abyssal blade is for classic build. Moon shard if late game you have more money, buy them and eat it.


Mana break, Anti-Mage's 1st skill to burn the enemy mana. The damage is physical but not though spell immunity. Have 28/40/52/64 mana burn per hit and deals 60% of the mana burned as damage. Mana break apply on your illusions.

Blink, Anti-Mage's 2nd skill to blink in and out of war. It means you can blink to gank the enemy or you can use it for escaping from gank. It has 925/1000/1075/1150 range and 12/9/7/5 cooldown. So, max this skill first before the other for gank and escape.

Mana shield, Anti-Mage's 3rd skill which is have a big magic resistance that can be useful in late game. Mana shield have 26%/34%/42%/50% magic resistance, its upgradable by aghanim's scepter and will have the ability spell block like linken's sphere and lotus orb.

Mana void, Anti-Mage's ultimate which is the damage is based on the missing of mana and the damage is area. It has mini-stun and the damage per missing mana is 0,6/0.85/1.1. First, burn all the enemy's mana using mana break and after that cast mana void on them.


This guide is absolutely crazy, you must try it in pub match first before you use it on ranked match. I hope you like it and if you like, please vote this guide.

This is my first guide in dotafire, i need more critics and ideas from you, just leave it in comment ok? Thank you~


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