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Mage Slayer Carry Guide

November 25, 2012 by Ex.DraGoNZ
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Full carry

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Purchase Order


Stout Shield
Quelling Blade


Power Treads
Battle Fury
Vladmir's Offering

If u found yourself feeding

Armlet of Mordiggian
Black King Bar


Manta Style
Ethereal Blade

Hero Skills

Mana Break

2 3 5 7


1 10 12 13


4 8 9

Mana Void

6 11 16


14 15 17 18

Mage Slayer Carry Guide

November 25, 2012


The reason i wan to buy ''Scout Shield,Tango and Quelling Blade'' is because you can easily FARM And harass enemy.

Starting Game Skill Build

Mana Break
Mana Break will give you the edge against many heroes, especially those with low mana pools but who are very reliant on mana such as ''Mage''. Use this to harass in lane, early game. Late game, this will allow you to eliminate heroes very quickly by burning out their mana when coupled with Manta images. (triple mana burn).

Blink is the key escape mechanism and almost essentially which makes Anti-mage the carry he is. Few carries have such a great escape skill, so make sure to utilize it to its full potential to escape, chase and farm well.

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