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Lycan Laning + Chaser build.

February 7, 2013 by PetriFemboy
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DotA2 Hero: Lycan

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Lycan Laning + Chaser build.

February 7, 2013

Main purpose of character selection.

You're main purpose of existence is to destroy heroes in one on one fights.
Get everything that gives you attack speed buff aside to damage. Later on You'll need either finished Satanic or Heart for surivavability. Either way, this build works only against teams that doesn't have a lot of stunners.
You join fights from behind, focusing fragile heroes. You're not the initiator.
This is a build for laning Lycan.

Early game:

Laning phase, try and last hit but what's more important DO NOT DIE. It's very easy to be outfarmed with Lycan, so even a single death can let you lose the lane. Engage only in one on one fights and only when your ultimate is skilled and off cooldown, since it's your only escape mechanism. Remember not to push lane, and never initiate.

Mid game:

You're able to jungle at this stage, use Helm of Dominator to gain a free creep ward near river and proceed farming. Do not wait on team to engage, you need to farm all the time. Gather only when asked. If team decides to go 4 v 5, it's their choice but your farm is more impotent, then waiting on teams movement.

Late game:

This is the moment when you can show yourself, and lead your team. You're still unable to initiate so let your team help with that. Focus on pushing and attacking enemies when they least expect it. You're a roaming killing machine.

+ Ultimate that grants max movement speed.
+ Passive that increases damage by percentage.
+ Maxed out wolves work as invisible mobile wards.

- Force to select between farming heroes or farming creeps.
- Unable to fight against bunch of enemies.
- Has no natural way of pinning down enemies.
- Useless against blinkers and heroes that have multiple disables.

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