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Luna the Moon Rider

June 29, 2012 by prastrejda
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clasic skill build for luna

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

1 3 5 7

Moon Glaives

10 12 13 14

Lunar Blessing

2 4 8 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

Luna the Moon Rider

June 29, 2012


i will put some explenation to skill build and items...
but sorry i have no time now (do not put "dislike" until it is finished)

Know that i am from Czech republic so my english will be sometimes "wooden".
and you can correct me if you find any mistake...
and thanks for reading this guide


under construction.


for starting items you can take whatever you want. i like at most 2x Circlet than Healing Salve and 2x Clarity for mana.

than i go for Boots of Speed (lunas MS than will be 385.)
next item is mostly Ring of Basilius => Ring of Aquila for more Q`s.
and if i want to harras even harder i buy void stone to it (it will double the RoB mana regen)
than i finish power treads.
from now its up to you.
do you want to be a right click carry? than go straight for Yasha -> Manta Style and Helm of the Dominator (helm of dominator isnt a "must have" item and you can skip it when you are really far behind. it will not change gameplay a lot and it will only slow you even more...)

If you want to be more of a nuker and your team has other nukers too ( Lina, Lion, Pugna) go straight for etheral blade it will add you a great ganking potential (if you can build it fast enough) or it will give you capability to just kill their carry while he is unable to run away or attack you. (or just use it to escape because it will only make unattackable by auto attacks). than it will make you literally imortal while you have Black King Bar activated. (only thing that will be able to kill you is Razor`s ultimate)

further you will never get but if you do, just buy butterfly and satanic...

i will update this for more items and i will explain everything in this guide... (if you want to know something special just ask in comments blow i will try to answer it)

Orb effect and moonglave.

Under construction


comming soon

Creeping / Jungling

comming soon

Last words

the guide is not yet finished!!!
rest is comming soon

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