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Luna Moonfang - a graceful warrior that cuts enemy like fang

April 26, 2015 by The Moonrider
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Build developed by me (takes a lot of time..)

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

3 4 5 7

Moon Glaives

2 9 12 14

Lunar Blessing

1 8 10 13


6 11 16


15 17 18

Writer Introduction

Hi everyone! When i am writing this guide i am actually a totally fresh player to dota. I am just a level 4 newbie. i dont actually rely on the guides here and try to figure the items build, her(luna) role, how to use it, and how to eventually win the game with it. Its actually a harsh road for me but i eventually do win some games with my knowledge. So i will share what i found about this hero at here. Hope you guys will enjoy it :D.

Pros and Cons...

-seriously squishy at start, favourite target for nuker like Lina, Zeus and Lich.
-once it had got stunned, she is utterly useless and very easy to get killed
-like most agility carry, item dependent
-quite long ultimate cooldown
-low mana pool at the start of battle, decreased the capabality of the first skill

-a very low cool down damaging skill, has a minor stun that MAY help you to chase your enemy
(well... 0.5 second..)
- a very good lane pusher
-have a fastest base movement speed (330, if i am not wrong?) in dota 2(thank you, Nova).
- a very good farmer, thanks to its moon glaive.
-very good ultimate that have a potential to wipe out all 5 hero in a matter of second
(WHILE with your teammates).

Explanation for my item build

Helm of the Dominator / Satanic

Helm of the Dominator should always be your first priority. (why??) Because without it, your graceful warrior, which have a low hp compares to the others will get killed very easy and also unable to jungle at highest efficiency, so you should have a life stealing item ASAP. Do not relies on tango... Tango is just for starting and it will become utterly useless after the first 5 minutes has gone (or, 3 minutes). Satanic is actually optional(and its very expensive..), if you think that you still dont have enough life stealing capabilities, then get Satanic.

Manta Style

Manta Style although aren't your first priority, but its extreme important to Luna especially when you are fighting with more than 1 enemy. The illusions that you get from your Manta, gets the Moon Glaive abilities,too. So, if there is 5 enemies, and you have your own hero and 2 illusions that you get from your manta, approximately 3 hits will delivered to your enemy EACH TIME you shoot your Glaive off your hand. Besides, its really important for tower pushing.

Shadow Blade

Well this is actually optional, too. But its important for newbies such as me. You buy Shadow Blade for a very simple reason :escape. Personally Luna dont have any escaping skill, so having a item that can help she get out from dangerous situation is really a morale booster for Luna herself. Besides that, if you use your ultimate skill, then use your shadow blade, Selemene will still shoots Lucent Beams ( or lasers? ) for you. so you can still kill, while you are safe from enemy's sight.


Obviously, Butterfly's main task is to boost your attack speed, so that your enemy will dead before they even know it. But, Butterfly has an active skill too. You will get 20% more move speed while sacrifacing your evasion. this is actually also useful for Luna to escape (or to pursue enemy). But PLEASE, dont activate butterfly after you have just activate your shadow blade, or you will reappear to your enemy's sight and may get killed.

Aghanim's Scepter

This item mostly it was placed on a optional, even not recommended items tab. But This Bluish Stick can help you A LOT in 1v1 scenario. When you dont have a Scepter, you will have 10 beams when your ultimate skill is level 3, and each hero will receive 4 Beams MAX. if you are in 1v1 scenario, you will waste your others 6 beams. but if you got a Scepter, not only you will get extra 4 more beams, but there will be no max beam hits number for your enemy too. so if your Lucent beams is level 4, Ultimate level 3, and you are on a 1v1 scenario, 300 times 14 = a staggering 4200 damage!!! No hero can stand this kind of damage. BUT BUT BUT, if you are facing Abaddon, then you have to make sure that his Ultimate (Borrowed time) is in a cooldown. IF NOT, YOU WILL HEAL HIM INSTEAD OF KILLING HIM. ok?

Boots of travel

Well of course, its main task is to help you travel across different lane, and your fountain, if needed. It also has highest movement speed increase... in the sea of items. So your Luna, which is already fast, will become even more faster (fastest, maybe?) and utterly unchaseable.

WHY I DONT RECOMMEND THOSE 2 ITEMS? ( Daedslus, Hand of Midas)
Well, Daedalus is not really that important because your Moon Glaive is actually good enough, and that Hand of Midas oh my god, totally **** for me, its fully useless in late game, and its a waste of money (for me)

Explanation for my skill build

First skill you should get your Moon Blessing from Selemene, to help you get the last hit easier. I get Moon Glaive at level 2 because, your moon Glaive can give you a chance to damage enemy hero, which may decrease their health, forcing them to take cover or even go back to their fountain. And then, i get and upgrade Lucent Beam at level 3-5, is to ready my ultimate to kill (your ultimate's beam damage = your Lucent Beam damage).Well after the first 6 level its actually free for all, EXCEPT THAT, you must upgrade your Lucent Beam and Ultimate to full ASAP. (to strengthen you ability to kill)

Early Game

At the start of the game, DO NOT, EVER, NEVER THINK ABOUT KILLING ENEMY(except your friend need your "help", haha).because you are seriously squishy as i had stated above, so she is very easy to get kill back by enemy hero. Try not to spam your first skill at start as you have a low mana pool, so should use it at a right time. The most important thing you need to do is farm as fast as possible, get morbid mask, then Helm of the Dominator and then your power treads. If you are fast enough, get Yasha too, its the fundamental for your Manta Style.


Well, then you should always have an eye on your enemies (nukers especially), stay away from them BUT NOT LEAVE THE LANE(you can still get a little exp when your creep or friendly hero get a kill), and well, try your best to get some SAFE last hit.
if you are rich enough when the nukers started to kill you, get Helm of the Dominator As hard(fast) as you can, then go jungle, and start farm like a maniac(bear in mind, enemy may go to jungle, looking for you when they find you missing, so always have an eye on your back).

Mid Game

By this time, you should have your Helm of Dominator, Power Treads and Yasha; and your ultimate are ready to kill too. at this phase you aren't that squishy (but, you are still not a tanker either), so you can take some damage while striking your enemy and killing them. Your ultimate becomes really important for yourself, and your team mates as your ultimate could kill all their hero in seconds when you and your team mates are pushing and met their defending hero. If you and your team mate is good, you may can win this game really soon(thats fairly rare, however). but if you are still vulnerable from your enemy's attack, and often get killed or almost get killed, then you should spend most of your time in the jungle, only push with your friend when they decided to push, and use your ultimate in the right time. While in this phase, you should can at least get a shadow blade (to escape while you have your ultimate) and Manta Style.

Well, avoid getting spotted while farming in the jungle, always run when you saw a full hp hero, get shadow blade ASAP to run even more faster, then proceed to Manta Style.

Late Game

So, now you have got most of your important items (Manta Style, Helm of Dominator, Shadow Blade). At this time, your ultimate aren't as effective as in early game and mid game due to the max beam hits and their hero health. You should avoid confront an enemy hero alone(except you have got butterfly), wait for your team mates then push together, and use your ultimate when most of their hero comes forth and defend, which will help your team mate a lot. In this phase, you should get your Butterfly ready, and if its needed you can buy a scepter to allow you ultimate skill become useful in 1v1 scenario.

End Game phase ( you get ended, or they get ended)

At this really really late phase, Luna is starting to become obsolete because most enemy heroes have a bunch of health and full item, which will let your ultimate become not that fearful any more, which makes Luna not a good hero in very late game.... so in this time if your team is losing, buy a boots of travel first, to be prepared to defend your towers (if not good, your ancient). if your team mate manage to hold on the grip, buy Satanic first, then you may can replace the boot of travel with an Divine Rapier, or An Aegis.

Finally, finishing touches with extra tips

Always remember that Luna Moonfang, the moonrider is a Graceful woman, she is not a big tough tanker, so please please please do not let this such a beautiful woman to tank or stand in front enemy as she wont stand for a long time(except that your enemy is really noob :P)..... And well, always treat her gently, dont push too hard, which often lead to her death, and finally the Moon will hate you (just kidding). She is a really fine, agile, Magnificent and Beautiful Warrior, so I hope that my guide will help!


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