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Luna Mage

June 26, 2016 by TheRussianEater
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mid mage

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

2 3 5 7

Moon Glaives

8 9 12 13

Lunar Blessing

1 4 10 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi guys, this is my first guide and my english is not that good so please dont slay me for this. basicly i used this build in some of my matches and even in ranked matches and it is suprisngly good. i know you think i copyed it from youtube (jimbendoto) but i was playing with this build before he tought about the idea, and i'll like to share with you this amzaing build.


So basicly what this build is about is going mid with luna and relying on your lucent beam and eclipse to do damage. after alot of buffs to eclipse luna got the tools to become a powerfull mage that wreck the battelfield. When you go mid with luna most people will flame you at the start and also in the end if they had a bad laning phase so be aware of that.

Hero matchups

Great with

    elder titan
    crystal maiden
    or any other hero with strong aoe stun/slow

bad against
    or any other hero that has strong disables/high damage/magic immune

Early game

Most midders you will be against will overextend because they see a luna mid and think they are playing against a noob so getting a kill isnt to hard for you. u just need lvl 2 on lucent beam and start to harras. buy arcanes asap and then disassemble then and make ather lens. when you reach lvl 6 you can go gank and get some easy kills. the most importent is to get the aghs fast, not by farming, by helping your team and kill.

Mid game

You suppose to have your aghs now and its your time to shine now. try to force a teamfight every time your ulti is off cooldawn and start snowballing. if you are in the losing team then go farm the jungle or lane until you got aghs, and if they are pushing let them come to high ground before fightning.

Late game

Now its the time where the fun begins. refresher aghs is destroying enemies in each teamfight and there is nothing more fun then watcing the beams kills enemies in this speed.
but you should be carefull cause most carrys will probably have bkb against you already, and even if the bkb only last 5 sec it will be enough to block almost all of the damage from your ult so never use it on 1 hero in the late game.

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