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Lucifer the Doom Bringer The Right Way - The Ultimate Hero Guide

July 20, 2013 by Crab Faction
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Carry Build - Apocalypse on Earth

DotA2 Hero: Doom

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Lucifer the Doom Bringer The Right Way - The Ultimate Hero Guide

Crab Faction
July 20, 2013


Within this guide you'll find helpful tips and tricks I've learned while playing Doom. This includes the basic steps of jungling, which neutrals to devour, skill build, item build and possibly the most important hero to Doom in team fights.

Lucifer the Doom Bringer is possibly one of my favorite heroes now. I had never played him until recently but when I did I never looked back. Now I've tried various builds with him and have found that this one is the most effective all around. One thing you must realize is that Doom is not for the kind hearted. You will be running in guns blazing most of the time which is probably why I love playing him so much as he can easily turn around a team fight when he arrives.

Now before we get started you need to know that with this build you won't be as useful to your team as you could be for about 20 minutes. That being said you aren't useless.

Items and Ability Builds

First we'll start with the Ability Build.


The reason we're maxing out Devour is because of the obvious gold advantage it gives and the fact that this is your ticket to jungling. When you use Devour on a neutral creep you'll absorb it's abilities including passives and when you have finished devouring that creep, you'll earn an extra 100 gold at level 4.

Neutral creeps that are worth devouring are mentioned in what to prioritize over.

Alpha Wolf > Satyr Tormentor > Centaur Conqueror > Wildwing Ripper.

Alpha Wolf - Medium Creep Camp. Possesses the abilities Critical Strike (20% chance to deal 200% damage) and Packleader's Aura (Bonus 30% damage in a 900 radius). This is easily the best creep you wish to Devour. With the bonus damage and the critical chance you'll be farming like a god, or preferably like a devil. Not to mention this will apply to your team mates withing the radius during team fights! Now since you want to keep this ability, the next time you use Devour use it on either the Lane Creeps or neutral creeps that have no abilities, not even passives. This will make sure you keep your Alpha Wolf abilities, even if you die. The only way to get rid of it is if you Devour a creep with different abilities.

Satyr Tormentor - Large Creep Camp. Possesses the abilities Shockwave (Damages all enemy units with a purple ball in a line for 125 damage for a distance of 800) and Unholy Aura (Bonus 4 health regeneration in a 900 radius). This would be the next best creep to Devour as it's HP regen is great while jungling for obvious reasons. So if you're taking too much damage try and grab one of these creeps.

Centaur Conqueror - Large and Medium Creep Camp. This creep isn't the best to get, but if there's none better you may as well grab it for it's extra 15 attack speed.

Wildwing Ripper - Large Creep Camp. This is pretty much in the same category as the Centaur Conqueror. So if there's none better then this one can also be Devoured for it's 3 bonus armour.

Either way the best creeps are the Alpha Wolf and Satyr Tormentor.


This ability has a few very good perks. The first is the damage output. Not the best for team fights but very effective while farming. At level 4 you will be dealing 30 damage in a 600 radius for 16 seconds AND the same amount in HP regen making it an easy way to regain missing health. This ability will also gain you a 16% movement speed making it easier to catch those pesty heroes or fleeing from an early ganker. This ability is best used when there are 3 or more creeps within the camp for maximum farming capabilities. Don't hesitate to use it if you need health, though.


Honestly, I have no idea how this ability works, too much mechanics for me to remember about one ability. All I know is that it does a good 300+ damage when level 4, has a ministun for those horrible ultimates or teleports and is very spammable.


Possibly the best ultimate in the entire game. Or at least I think so. What this ability does is it curses an enemy target for 15 seconds, dealing 70 damage per second at level 3. Not only that, but also completed silences them from using any abilities AND items and this also includes some passive abilities! All they can do is run or auto attack! And if that's not enough for you, when you pick up your Aghanim's Sceptre you will increase the duration to 16 seconds and deal 110 damage per second adding to a minimum of 1600 damage! Now if you STILL want more from this brillant spell, we'll also chuck in the fact that if Doom is standing within a 550 radius of the Doomed target the duration gets put on hold until Doom is no longer next to them! So you can literally follow them around until they die which will be easy with your Phase Boots and Shadow Blade.

Now after all that excitement let's move onto the Item Build.

Ring of Basilus
Helps with that early mana problems we all suffer.

Hand of Midas
Very good with Doom for farming since he also has an ability which grants extra gold on creeps as well. Rushed after Ring of Basilus.

Phase Boots
Definitely a must buy with Doom. Being able to outrun any hero is a great advantage when you're a massive demon that can take out Godzilla. Just imagine Doom running at your down your street, pretty damn terrifying. Now imagine him with purple boots sprinting at you yelling DOOOOOM! At the top of his lungs! Scary as all ****!

Shadow Blade
This is mainly for the use of your ultimate when you have your Agh's Sceptre to keep close to your enemy but also to keep up with your enemy before you get your Sceptre to confirm that kill, not to mention that fact that it's a great escape plan.

Aghanim's Sceptre
As explained in the Ability Build this item is very over powered on Doom. Combining this with your shadow blade and other abilities will make it so no one can survive your ganks.

The other items are self explained.

Strategy Guide

This part of the guide is how you should enter a gank or team fight. This is all assuming you have all items up to the Shadow Blade as you shouldn't be ganking until you have it. Keep in mind that if you're not in a team fight, pushing after a team fight or ganking you should be farming all the time and remember to use your Devour and Midas on the correct creeps.


After you have COMMUNICATED to your team about your gank, either turn on your shadow blade to position next to them before you start, or just turn on your Scorched Earth for the movement speed, if you went with shadow blade first, turn your Scorched Earth on when everyone's ready for the gank. If you're only after one kill, Doom that hero and use LVL? Death if you have any levels in it. If you're going for two kills, get your team mates to focus on the hero you're NOT Dooming. As long as you get the hero you're Dooming under 450 health at the beginning of the Doom they will die. Using Doom and LVL? Death with a few auto attacks will do the job. After you're certain they will die from your Doom, focus on the other hero. Your team mates should already be in the fight with their stuns and attacks to aquire both kills.

Solo Kills

If you're on your own and plan to gank a hero who is also by themselves, the best thing to have is your Agh's Sceptre. A good idea is to do this against their jungling hero if they have one, especially if it's a carry as they won't be able to survive. Using your Shadow Blade, sneak up on the hero and wait until the shadow blade has almost worn off so you can use it again soon. That being said, don't wait so long that you won't get the kill if they're retreating. When the Shadow Blade is about to run out use your Doom and LVL? Death on them, active your Scorched Earth for the movement speed and HP regen and auto attack until you can use your Shadow Blade again. Once you've activated your Shadow Blade again just follow them closely assuring yourself the kill as the Aghanim's Sceptre bonus will keep the countdown stopped while you're close to them. Usually this isn't even necessary for very long but you want to confirm that kill just to be sure. Spam LVL? Death if you feel needed but remember you'll need that Shadow Blade if the cavalry arrives. Either way you've gotten yourself a kill and preferably on a carry. This should be done every time your Doom is off cooldown to maintain your presence in the match and for extra gold.

Team Fights

While you're farming, constantly look at the map for approaching team fights and general map awareness. No one is to blame but yourself if you get ganked as it's easy to see when enemy heroes are not in their lane, it doesn't matter if your team mates called their Missing In Action or not, you're to blame. That goes for any hero you play.

Anyways, if you see a bunch of heroes piling up assume they want to team fight. By the time they start this you should have your Shadow Blade and maybe your Agh's Sceptre. When you see this happening you need to rush over there, with your abilities on cooldown. When you get to the fight, stay back behind some trees or something to hide your presence and make them think you're still farming. Communicate with your team and make sure you're the first into the fight, but using the element of surprise. Turn your Scorched Earth on for the Hp regen as you may be the first target. Doom your enemy target and LVL? Death them to secure the kill (Preferred heroes to Doom is below). Now all you have to do is auto attack heroes and spam LVL? Death until they're all dead. It's actually that simple if Doom is used correctly. But it also depends on who you Doomed a great deal.

A lot of the time you will see this once you have your Agh's Sceptre; a team fight will be initiated, You will Doom their DPS hero, LVL? Death them (At least half hp by now with your team), the Doomed hero will try to flee causing their team to get clustered and start to seperate and fall apart. you either have the option to chase the Doomed hero if you don't think they will die from Doom, or you can start fighting the other heroes. Since LVL? Death is so spammable, kills will be easily obtained.

Heroes That Need to be Doomed!

Here is a basic list of who you may need to Doom in team fights.

During the early-mid game you want to Doom Semi-Carry heroes and Initiators. Heroes like these would be:
Storm Spirit.
Queen Of Pain.
Outworld Devourer.
Dark Seer.

Or even the carries that have a strong presence during the entire match, like:
Phantom Lancer.
Nyx Assasin.

Later in the game you'd want to start Dooming the carries so they're useless. Good heroes to Doom would be (Including the above list):
Phantom Assasin.
Faceless Void.
Spirit Breaker.
Dragon Knight.

It's best to Doom them BEFORE they use their abilities, especially if it's say Faceless Void's Chronosphere. After he's use that there's not much point Dooming him and what not. Shutting them down before they even get to fight is the perfect Doom. But make sure you're able to capitalize on the Doom. As in you don't want to use it when there's 5 of them under the tower and you're Doom goes to waste because your team isn't going to tower dive, ect.

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