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Love Puck

August 2, 2014 by adamyells
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Mid puck

DotA2 Hero: Puck

Hero Skills

Illusory Orb

1 3 5 8

Waning Rift

7 10 12 14

Phase Shift

2 9 13 15

Dream Coil

6 11 16


4 17 18

Pick Puck because he is fun and mobile. But don't go Puck if...

I really LOVE Puck, but after many games, I found hard to play and without joy to face these enemies :
Ember spirit, Doom, Dark seer - They got default AoE DMG abilities, that prevent you from Blinking from Shift - crucial block.
Doom again - well, Doom counters everyone.
Bad enemy setups and items:
Also consider Puck if they got too much silence or posibility of chain-stuns, 5 team tanks.
From items, Radiance is same as ember for the same reason.

GO PUCK when they got squishy supports or like me, go puck when they got Sniper or Pudge, because it totally makes my day, Shifting all these Assasinates and Hooks.


So you are going mid. The reason why I don't pick any mana items are mostly because of bottle rush. Of course, it really depends on your opponent, if you feel, that clarity or +3 inteligence would help you, go for that.

I generally use Orb only when I know that it will hit all 4 creeps. If it hits the hero, its side benefit.

Picking Shift on level 2 is crucial, in most scenarios, I can live with that until level 9, but if the have multiple projectiles, then you should get at least 2 levels of Shift.

Early game

Now, you should have your bottle and boots. Try to rotate top rune if possible. It's really close so you won't lost many lasthits and if you time that well, you can Orb the almost-dead wave from rune spot. And runes will really keep you in lane with enough mana.
Your Shift doesn't need mana, so dodge EVERYTHING. Dodge tower and reaggro with it to take towers really fast.


If you are smart and lucky, you have successfully ganked another lane, around the 15 minute mark, you could have your blink dagger coming inside courrier's pocket. You him to bottle crowing and blink wisely. You got so many new posibilites and combos with your Orb now, so make sure to know how to chase and how to run away.

Tip. Level 4 Shift has more duration time than Blink Dagger's cooldown. (3.25 - 3.00)
Again, as i said earlier, it will only work, if they dont surprise your shift spot with aoe dmg ability.

Beacuse of that, I put those 3 items in the item guide. All of them provides you a good amount of mana regen. Here is an explanation :

Pick Eul's - when you are sure, you cant survive Shift/Blink/Orb combo and will use an extra mobility and Purge effect

Pick Linken - when you really need extra stats and regen, dodge effect replaces cyclon's.

Pick Hex - When you have a role of semi-support in your lineup and your carry would really use this disable effect. Also a good source of stats.

Boots of travel are the final item I recommand. Beyond it, feel free to Dagon&Bloodstone or whatever, if you can effort it.

Good luck, have fun.
I'm sure that you will love Puck!

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