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Love is Blood Red (Bloodseeker 6.82)

November 15, 2014 by The Reverend
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Love is Blood Red

DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

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Soul Ring
Power Treads
Heaven's Halberd
Skull Basher
Sange and Yasha
Abyssal Blade
Heart of Tarrasque


Null Talisman
Boots of Speed
Dagon 1
Phase Boots
Shadow Blade
Ethereal Blade
Orchid Malevolence


Power Treads
Soul Ring
Heaven's Halberd
Pipe of Insight
Vladmir's Offering
Force Staff
Dagon 1

Hero Skills


9 13 14 15

Blood Rite

1 3 5 7


2 4 8 10


6 11 16


17 18

Love is Blood Red (Bloodseeker 6.82)

The Reverend
November 15, 2014


I love bloodseeker. I think he is a fun and versatile hero. Unfortunately, he has a bad rep. Hopefully this guide will clean up his image a bit. What people don't get about bloodseeker is that he is many things but not the best in those roles. He can gank but he isn't the best. He can carry but he isn't the best. He is a viable support with this new patch,but he isn't the best. Then what exactly is bloodseeker? He is an utility hero. This means that he is a hero that can turn to what the team needs but needs moderately high team cooperation for this to happen to its fullest potential. This versatility does not come cheap. He is very item dependent, but he is usually able to snowball and get enough early kills to make sure that happens. I usually play him as a semi-carry.

Early game

Buy your soul ring ASAP, and spam your nuke and harrass your opponents with it. Remember it has a casting time so plan accordingly. Concentrate on last hitting. You might have a little trouble last hitting, this will be solved buy buying your band of elvenskin that works towards your treads. Finish treads, and by this time you should have your ulti; It's time to kill and gank.


Soul ring will allow you to use your ulti as soon as it's off cooldown. Your job is to gank, gank, gank. Buy halbreds ASAP. This items makes you useful even in late game, and makes your ganks easier. If your are not carrying, consider letting your carry get the killing blow. After halbreds I go skullbasher and sang and yasha

Late game

After sang and yasha I try to save gold for abyssal blade. This is the other item that allows you to be useful late game. Between the 2 second stun, the 2 second disarm and the random bashes your items allow you to be effective late game. Combine that with your silence, ulti and steroid and any carry will love to have you around.


Like I have mentioned, bloodseeker is very versatile. One can make a case for many many items. In my opinion much more than other heroes. See all the different guides to bloodseeker for examples. Just know what your team needs. This makes bloodseeker a great pub hero. For him to see professional gameplay, I think he needs to be turned into a strength hero. You can go full gank mode or even support rather effeciently. If you go full gank the routine is as follows. Bloodrage your enemy then eblade them followed by dagon. This will give you a big shotgun but makes you a little weak. If you go support I'd rather you follow my build but again many different items make sense on bloodseeker. As support you will not just dive in. Try to stay alive cast your spells and items and help finish off the enemy when your thirst comes up.

Hope this guide helps you understand this hero better.


Soul ring- I take this first in order to spam my spells. It has the same cooldown as blood rite. You can consider a bottle but you will need rune control.

Tread- for the tread switching and attack speed boost. Other boots are ok too phase gives you a nice speed boost and damage, tranquil makes you tankier-ish and more speed. If your teameates are dumbasses then even mana boots.

Halbreds- buy mainly for the active but the tankiness and dodge is great too.

skull basher- damage, a little strength and bash chance. Upgrades to abyssal.

SnY- travel speed, damage, tankiness, armor and attack speed

mjoliner- damage, attack speed and the active. Another good active to have for either you or your carry

abbysal- mainly for stun

Heart- tankiness

Due to thirst once mid game comes treads and boots in general are not as needed (depends on game and gameplay) this opens up a slot. Bloodseeker is susceptible to nukes. Get a BKB if you have to but remember that you are stealing usage time from your carry. Perhaps a linkin sphere is a better choice or if supporting then pipe.

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