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Lone Druid Jungle Start

March 28, 2012 by Warlord79
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Lone Druid

Hero Skills

Summon Spirit Bear (Innate)

Spirit Link

2 12 13 14

Savage Roar

4 8 9 10

True Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Lone Druid Jungle Start

March 28, 2012


Not really sure how effective it will be competitively, but stomping pubs with this build is simple.

Use the bear as a tank while jungling, and anytime it needs healing, head it back to the fountain and join your lane. Once it's healed recall and go back to jungling.

Get vlad's first, that way, by about 6 or 7, you'll be able to use True Form and never need to go back to base again. After that get treads on both yourself and the bear.

Once you get treads ganking becomes easy with the bear's speed. Grab him orb of venom to slow the target even more for relatively cheap. Then work towards putting radiance on the bear. It will allow damage during a chase and even more effective farming.

Basher is really the next item on both yourself and the bear. It effectively will give you 3 bashes including the bear's roots. Once you have this it's smooth sailing.

If CC is a problem, grab a BKB to stop that nonsense. If not, go for either Assault for more AS, Daedlus for the Crit, or upgrade Basher to Abysall Blade. Really though, the game should be over before you even need to get these.

Skill Build

I go with Bear is begin and then put a single point into Rabid at lvl 2. This will give you some attack speed boost when you need it. Bear upgrade at 3 and then Synergy at 4. Synergy is more important to level up first over Rabid, I believe, because it will allow you to have Rabid on all the time when it's maxed. It will give Rabid a 40 second duration as compared to 10. With Rabid having a 30 second C/D, this allows you to keep that AS at all times. Finish leveling Bear, then Synergy, then finally Rabid, allotting points to True Form as it becomes available. End with pure stats.

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