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Lone Druid - druid focused carry (bear disables)

January 7, 2014 by vyrtigo
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Lone Druid

Hero Skills

Summon Spirit Bear

1 3 5 7

Spirit Link

6 8 10 12

Savage Roar

2 4 9 11

True Form


13 14 15 16 17 18

Lone Druid - druid focused carry (bear disables)

January 7, 2014


First guide for me, simply writing this as an alternative to traditional lone druid play that I have created over the years. Works very well for me, but to each their own!

This spec relies on good micro skills, high attack speed / procs for disable, and aggresive ganking and countering.

I do not play druid as jungle farm, either hard lane or short lane work best I've found, mid is not preferred. Mid and late game ancient farming to make quick gold to finish items is encouraged.

This is meant for people with a solid understanding of game, as well as lone druid already.

I have played druid successfully for years, all through wc3 dota and dota 2. Again just wanted to share my wacky playstyle with druid, any thoughts, ideas or constructive criticisms welcomed :)


I always start with 2 stacks of tango and a salve with a stout shield on the bear. First items I farm are RoH for regen (can be swapped accordingly). Then I farm a yasha, boots and finish my vanguard for druid (vanguard adds durability for druid you will miss without your ulti, can also be swapped to bear when needed), followed by treads for bear.

Next I work on finishing boots for druid (either treads or phase, prefer the latter for damage and with rabid IAS is already boosted.) Next item is HotD (life steal armor and damage for druid are a must) then to finish sange and yasha (speed bonuses, hp bonus and minimal damage are key. The added -MS stacked with rabid grants over 500 -ms, your bear will be about the same with level 4 synergy)

From here on out it is all by preference and what's makes sense. I prefer to get my bear a basher for added damage and an addidtional chance for disable. Now I usually find no lack in procs from stun and root at this level, and my maim with druid along with insane -MS rates don't leave much room for escape, and allow me to juke most ganks

At this point I choose one of several options
1- get a crystalys for my druid (later to daedalus)
2-if the enemy has a butterfly carry or natural evade like phantom assassin, I prefer MKB to crystalys as the damage is more effecient in this situation, and the +IAS is always welcome
3- final choice is a maelstrom then hyperstone (the hyperstone can be given to bear temporarily for a. Oost in his disable procs. I don't find much need to finish mjollnir yet.

At this point your options are open really.

For druid -
-heart makes you a formidable tank (especially with your ulti
-butterfly adds even greater damage, IAS as well as minor armor, evasion serves as excellent damage negation.
-crystalys -> Daedalus if you chose the maelstrom/mjollnir combo earlier.
-mjollnir if you went MKB previously
Finish satanic for life, and more lifesteal

For your bear-
-radiance for high damage, aoe damage constant
-AC armor and IAS aura great for both druid and bear, neg. Armor aura increases damage.
- lastly a heart to make your bear the ultimate tank, or MKB to add heavy damage (plus proc), small IAS boost, and true shot so heroes with evasion cannot dodge disables.


Not much to say other than leveling bear is a must, and I place two points Into synergy for bear -ms and damage, as well as to increase rabid time immediately. Then I max out rabid starting level 6,8,9,10. Finally I max out synergy, followed by stats.yoh can choose to level ulti twice before stats, and a third time at 16, however I never use his ulti. (The massive loss in -ms as well as high ranged damage go against this build)

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