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Lolth plays Dota 2!

July 15, 2012 by Crysun
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Build 1
Build 2

Solo Mid

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Hero Skills

Insatiable Hunger

2 3 5 7

Spin Web

1 4 12 14

Silken Bola

1 4 12 14

Spawn Spiderlings

6 11 16


15 17 18


This is my first guide so be patient if i write noobish things! Moreover my english is pretty bad so sorry for the grammatical errors...

Broodmother was the first hero i ever played in the story of Dota and I loved her immediatly. Here I'll explain you how i play her and how i pwn with her!

Pros/Cons and a couple of Tips

- Awesome harassing capacity
- Good for hit-n-run tactics
- Awesome Pusher
- Good mobility and ganking power in your webs
- With your harassing you can make enemy noobs ragequit! :P

- Very Squishy
- Very lane dependant because of the webs
- If you're visible you'r quite a good prey
- Not very good for teamplay since you can't be very usefull for teamfights away of your lane

- Against Earthshacker dont use your spiderlings or he'll one-shot you with his ultimate.
- Against Axe dont use the spiderlings or you'll give him a lot of golds (because of his counterattack)
- Spiderlings can be quite boring, since they can slow you while attacking an enemy. Don't carry many of them when you gank.
- Your webs gives vision of their middle area. You can use them also as wards for the runes.
- You can leave one spiderling per web as invisible ward for good map control.
- You can push multiple lanes (or hard push your main lane) if you have a lot of spiderlings. Else you can send them to jungle for good gold-making.
- Take care of BH and Slardar ultimates, because they let you become visible.

Mid, Top or Bot?

The first times I played Broodmother I always went solo top or solo bot, in case we had a jungler, or in a 2-men lane. After a few match I tryied to go mid and I noticed how better it is.
If you go mid you can skill up your web only once during the early game. Doing so you can skill up your Incapacitating Bite, increasing your PvP capacity. Moreover, since the mid-lane is shorter than the side-lanes, you need the slowing orb effect for avoid the enemy hero running back to the tower.

I'll write this guide for a mid-lane Broodmother, but I wrote 2 item/skill builds: the first one is for mid-lane while the second one is for side-lane Broodmother.

Where to Web?

You need to put your first 2 webs on the passing of the river, the first one closer to your base, the other on the other side of the river. Be sure you cast the first one on your base side, so when you push and you'll have to replace your webs, the most far away is the first one getting destroyed. Moreover dont cast the webs close to each other, you can leave 200-300 units distance between one and oneother or even more in late-game with higher movement speed (the speed/regen/invi buffs lasts for a couple of seconds after leaving the webs).

How to kill properly

Many guides says to kill using this skill sequence:
1) Pop Insatiable Hunger
2) Attack
3) Finish off with Q-skill
I don't like this sequence tbh. Once you pop you ulti you become visible, so the enemies can CC you or escape.
Here's the best way to kill:
1) Attack once, so you slow the enemy
2) Pop Insatiable Hunger
3) Keep Attacking
4) Finish off with Q-skill
You can use cast the Web if needed (your enemy is running away from your webs or you'r getting ganked and you need your invisibility).

In case you're ganking out of your webbed lane, cast a web for gain the speed buff/invi and then do what I wrote in this chapter.

Early Game

Just harass, last-hit and deny. If you'r lucky and your lane-enemy plays defensive you can farm a lot while keeping harass him with your Q-skill. Once you have the soul ring you can use your Q once every 20 secs without mana cost (you can also use it using your mana if you want ofc): that means 300 damage (around 225 with the base magic res) every 20 secs. You'll cause them to go back to base very often and maybe you'll also kill them if they play too greedy. Be sure you have a lot of spiderlings so, when the enemy hero is back, you can nuke the tower letting your spiderlings tank. If you have many spiderlings you can send them to jungle for some extra golds. It's quite usefull.
Be sure, if the enemy places some wards next to your webs, to destroy them. Just wait the proper moment and place your own ward. In this case your priority is to destroy the enemy ward (even if the enemy hero is attacking you). Once you destroy it you can go back invisible and regen your hp.
You can use your spiderlings also as wards.

Mid Game

Don't care about the ganks: unless your team is in trouble you should never leave your lane. Just keep pushing. Your enemies will have 2 ways to play the match:
1) Defending your lane allowing your team to destroy the other towers and ganking;
2) Going to gank on the other lanes and allowing you to destroy their base. Once the enemy middle barracks are destroyed you can change lane.

In mid game it's usefull to have a True Sight gem, so you can avoid enemy ganks.

If you're worried about pushing too much, you can go jungling. Just be sure to have a web close to you for a sure escape.

Late Game

After 30-40 mins, with a proper last-hitting and good K/D stats, you should have the following items: Power Treads, Soul Ring, Orchid Malevolence, Vladimir and Butterfly/BkB. Tbh I prefere to go for Butterfly or Manta instead of Black King Bar, since they add both offensive and defensive capacity instead of pure defense. You're still a carry and you should start fight only after the enemies casted their main CC spells.


Let me know about grammatical errors and, most important, about advices.

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