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Lina: The Slayer

October 9, 2013 by TempestZ30
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Lina Bloodstone Build

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

2 3 5 7

Light Strike Array

1 8 9 10

Fiery Soul

4 12 13 14

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello, My name is TempestZ30, i've been playing DOTA 2 for a few months now and thought it was time i added a guide for one of my favourite hero's Lina, this build is the way iike playing her and this is my first guide so give me sum breaks, Lina is a intelligence hero who is very effective at harassing opponents off lane and setting up some early kills if played right, Lina can be difficult to play because of her target hard stun but it comes off she will blow away her opponents and leave you laughing, ok so i hate to drag so lets move on to the next section.

Pros / Cons

Ok so Lina here are the lists for Lina
1) good Damage dealing
2) very strong Harass
3) strong Nuke's
4) kills very quick throughout the game.
1) Mana needs perserving until later
2) squishy
3) needs items to oversome mana issues
4) stun is hard to land.
So ok there's four for each, there are more for both sides but hey no-ones perfect.

Starting Items

Ok so items, these are what i use n find it works for me, but not everyone is the same so give it a try.
Starting Items: so pretty basic, these are:

Tango = Your basic Healing, use to keep you topped up and in lane,

Healing Salve = Your good heal, gives you 400 health back perfect after surviving a gank or big harassment,

Clarity = Helps you to keep harassing, if needed buy more from time to time during the early phases

Iron Branch = x2 for the stats and they will be built into a wand

Ring of Protection = good plus 2 armour and will upgrade into your next ring.

Early Items

So items to be picked up during the main lanning phase:

Boots of Speed = every hero buys boots, a must have, will make you faster

Magic Wand = another must have for supports, its regen must not be underestimated, can and will save your life at some point

Phase Boots = more speed thanks to ability, good for chasing or escaping, plus the additional 24 damage is nice, these are my boots of choice, can go arcane as it also builds into your Bloodstone by disasembling it

Ring of Basilius = because no arcane boots this provides a little mana regen, but its other grants are nice too, remember to toggle the active to off during the early stages

Force Staff = nice stats n hp regen plus a active that can be used for escaping moving and pushing a enemy player back into your team, this makes a squishy support harder to kill.

Pretty much self-explanatory, buy wand or boots first n second then buy ring then force staff last, these are pretty cost effective.

Core Items

Aghanim's Scepter = boosts your health, mana n stats, plus your ultimate all round very useful

Bloodstone = your main item, loads of health, mana and regen, allows you to kill without restraint

Ring of Aquila = a nice upgrade for your other ring, not always needed so just decide if it is needed

Scythe of Vyse = sheepstick is very good as a core, gives your hp a boost, lots of INT, even more mana regen and a massive active that can be the difference between life n death

So build Bloodstone ASAP for its mana regen then Aquila if needed, or go for Scepter straight afterword then Sheepstick last, costs alot of gold but this core should see you through to the end.


Bracer = If your getting beaten badly build this n try to up your survivability

Arcane Boots = if your mana is causing problems then switch from phase to these, just remember to disasemble your arcane boots for your bloodstone

Ghost Scepter = being targeted in fights then build this n stop those carries, be warned though that magic damage is increased.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity = good stats n good active = very nice

Heaven's Halberd = good support item, STR and evasion and a nice acitve

Mekansm = if no-one else is bulding this then do so, it changes games

Pipe of Insight = another item that depends on what the other team has, strong nukers then get this and so them who's boss

Shiva's Guard = good INT and armour, plus a strong nuke,

Tranquil Boots = need more health regen then get these and stay on lane much longer

Veil of Discord = INT, Hp regen and armour and a active that increases your magic damage in a targeted area, very nice.

Ok these items are all pretty much Situational seeing as your core has a high cost, switch to these if needed, being flexible is the name of the game.
So that's my item build if there are any suggestions then please tell me and i will improve it. P.S oh and the final list of items are not explained seeing as being a support these are basic items to possibly get, see what your team is buying or just ask.


So the skill build is very much to my liking:

Dragon Slave = This is your nuke and its range is huge bigger than its tooltip says, this will be maxed first.

Light Strike Array = is your stun, its hard to hit but if done correctly a early kill isn't out of the question, further points are taken at 8,9 and 10.

Fiery Soul = your passive, seeing as your combo is at first Light strike then Slave this will boost your Attack speed up enough to get the kill more than likely, it is maxed last though as its benefits are seen later when your mana is good

Laguna Blade = your nuke ULT, does big damage, choose its target carefully as it will be more effectial to your team that way.

Team Work

Well Lina is very effective when partnered with any big damage dealer or stun duration carry, some of these include hero's such as Chaos Knight, Dragon Knight, Tiny, Bounty Hunter, Lion, plus any hero's that need a stationary target to deal maximum damage, She is of course killed pretty easy being so squishy, people like Anti-mage, Queen of Pain, Luna, lion, any real nuker as well will kill you in a few hits.


Well that's my build for Lina, its tailored to how i play her so some people may find it hard, plus this is version 1 so improvements will be made, just remember a few key points and you will do ok, 1) she is squishy so stay back let some one else intiate the fight then walk in and blast everything into dust, 2) positioning is key, standing in the wrong place will be fatal, 3) mana perserving for the first few phases is key, save your mana for key harasse's or kills if your teammate thinks he can get it, if in doubt buy more clarity's till your bloodstone and remember to be flexible with the items and possibly the abilities too.
Please leave comments for me, whether they be good or bad, it will only help me improve this guide.

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