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Lina Master's Build That Works

January 7, 2015 by darkseedX
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Master's Build

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

1 3 5 7

Light Strike Array

2 4 8 9

Fiery Soul

10 12 13 14

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18

Lina Master's Build That Works

January 7, 2015


Hey Guys , this is my first guide, my english is so so. But I'm gonna share with you guys my craft with Lina.

My build with Lina can deal with almost every hero, a good team battle, a killer (anti carry), a great damage dealer, a great cool down skill, with great playing performace from early to late game. Works great with every hero combination.

You will own the game. You will put Lina on the map, the ones they should be fear of.

How To Play This Build

One thing in mind you need to get the core item fast, which is tranquils boots, and eul.
With this item at hand, you can stay roam in the map longer. You dont have to have full mana, u need to work out with your team, you just need mana to regen so is enough to eul, light stike, and dragon slave, is 400-500 damage already. No need to go to fountain every time.

[*] Early Game

I usualy go mid, and increase the 1st skill first. This skill will help you farm and harash the enemy hero at the same time, just last hit the low health creep with your skill, this give you the upper hand on mid lane enemy hero.

Go buy void stone first, so you can spam the fist skill, and complete your green boots, and eul.

If you go other lane, then increase the 2nd skill first, so you can combo with your partner in the same lane.

Also because you can farm more easier in the mid game, dont hesitate to buy flying courier and wards to help your team.

Eul is great item for lina, you can land the 2nd skill easily, just watch the tornado, once it gets bigger, that the time u wanna put the 2nd skill underneath of the tornado, it will be the perfect time, just practice it and you will master it in no time.

So Eul + light strike + dragon slave + ulti + right click hit ... and good bye.
With right timing you can even kill Anti Mage before he can blink.

Eul is also great to give your team mate a positioning time, or chasing fleeing enemy hero. And also a great escaping tools, you can Eul enemy hero that chasing you, or you can use it to your self to counter enemy skill, lets say jagernaut omni slash.

[*] Mid Game

Once you have the core item, you wanna start preparing for shadow blade. I think shadow blade is a good ganking and escape mechanism.

The shadow blade, will make enemy's team frustate. Dust will have no great effect here, because eul + shadow blade , will give you enough movement speed to out run your opponent, the movement speed is what going to save you not just the invisibility. Sentry ward is kinda waste, because of your hit and run strategy, they dont know where u will hit next. And gems are expensive and risky. So this what will frustate them.

Usualy they eventualy will buy a gem, but only for team battle purpose. You need to learn how to position your self in team battle. Just use your 1st skill to harash and kill the enemy creeps, it got quite a range for you to be save.

You can use your eul to ruin their team battle formation, even to cancel enemy hero chaneling skill. Look for their Intel heros, or their carry heros, and cast ultimate on them.

Once you got shadow blade, you are practicaly hard to kill, and u wanna start to start buying Aghanim. Aghanim is good because it makes your ulti can penerate black king bar, or any anti magic shield.

[*]Late Game

Because your incredible fast farming, you can be a semi-carry for this matter, I usually buy mask of madness, the life steal can make a great difference on life and death when facing late game carry. And with your 3rd skill, you will have crazy attack speed. Late game you can buy any attacking item, depend on the situation. Any late game item will work great with Lina, because of the crazy attack speed. You can get Scyte, Shiva, Skull Basher, you want it, you just buy it, everything is good. Because you already have a good overall basic (great escape, great pushing, great damage, great ganking, great stuning, great aoe, great movement, great attack speed, any items addition, will ony add to your GREATNESS)

[*]You can own every game, but ....

Ok, you can own every game, but this is the list you need to be watch out for:
1. Pugna 3rd skill. Watch out when you going to use your skill even ultimate.
2. Blade mail. Is scarier than BKB for Lina, dont use your ultimate when enemy activating the blade mail.
3. Clockwerk. This hero is the one to watch out, once you get traped, is gonna be the end for you.


1. No Blink ?

I think Blink dont work as I wanted, you need to stay alive, and blink cannot used when you being attacked. When it comes to chase enemy hero, with only eul and green boots movement speed you can chase and eul on the run enemy hero.

2. No Force Staff ?

I think force staff is not really the priority here, because with eul it self, and in addition of shadow blade, will give you enough escape mechanism.

[*]Final Word

I'm new and this guide is my 1 st guide, and I know is very far then perfect, but I believe that I will improve in times. I want to keep it simple and to the point.

Is there anyways to put a replay game here ?

I also welcome any comments, critics, and question ....

Thanks and have a great day !

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