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Lich gonna have yo momma!

November 21, 2011 by dirrwen
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Support Lich

DotA2 Hero: Lich

Lich gonna have yo momma!

November 21, 2011


Lich is an item independent support hero who has total control over the flow of lanes and teamfights. His auto-deny ability, powerful, spammable nuke, and relatively simple playstyle also make him ideal for newer players.


Here i'll talk about Lich's skills and how to use them. Go here for detailed numbers.

Frost Blast

A spammable nuke, this in conjunction with Sacrifice allows you to completely dominate nearly any lane. Just spam it.

Ice Armor

This is a very helpful armor buff with a short cooldown and long duration. This means during pushes and when your team is grouped up, you can spam it to get everyone shielded. It also costs very little mana, and helps against those pesky melee DPS.


The spell that feeds your nuke and armor spamming, this powerful ability is an auto-deny and free mana. Should be used every time it's off CD, even when you have full mana, for the deny. When the game starts, skill this first and hang back by your first lane tower. Right when the first creeps spawn, use it on a melee creep. The cooldown should be just about up by the time you get to lane with your creeps, to deny again. Preferably deny creeps who are out of XP range of enemies, so they get no XP from the creep at all!

Chain Frost

A very nasty, if lucky, ult. This wreaks havoc when used at the right time in teamfights, and is what makes most people focus poor Lich first in fights. Don't be scared to use it if you're about to die, but don't waste it in a terrible situation where it wouldn't do anything. Refrain from using this on people near creeps, and be careful when casting it if an enemy has Linkens- if cast on them first, it will stop the whole chain!


Starting items

These are my starting items of choice- either Wards or a Chicken, a Salve, then max out GG branches. Lich is one of those few supports who doesn't need a couple clarities to start, giving him a little more leeway in his starting items.

Early game items

A Magic Wand and Headdress can be built out of the butt-ton of branches you started with. This gives you some nice stats, burst heal, heal over time and one step closer to your almighty Mekansm. A Bracer gives a bit more HP padding, and can be upgraded to a Drum later on.

Core items

First of all, if you're this far into the game and still have a walking chicken, smack yourself and upgrade it. Then, go for a Mekansm. Lich is one of the best Mekansm holders in the game because he should be in every fight, and doesn't have any mana issues. Continue to ward/counterward for your team, and upgrade your Bracer to a Drum it nobody else is getting it. You can also choose to upgrade your boots to Treads if you need the extra hp.

Luxury items

After getting Mekansm, Drum, and between warding up, you can really go for whatever you can afford. An Agha's is probably the best choice, boosting your already deadly ultimate. Once you have Agha's, you can get any item literally, that will help out your team. Just look at your team, the enemy team, what kind of damage they mainly do, who is doing the most damage, who is a problem etc. and build around that.

General strategy

Early game

Start off with Snackrifice and stay back near the barracks of your lane. Right when the first creep wave spawns, nom one of your melee creeps. The CD should be just about up by the time you get to lane, allowing you to deny again. When the CD of Sacrifice is almost back up, spam Frost Blast a couple times. Nom the creep, get mana, and deny! You should be using Sacrifice every single time the cooldown is up in lane, even if you have full mana(which you shouldnt). Preferably use it away from your enemy's XP range, so they go no XP at all! Finish your Headdress and Magic Wand ASAP, then get basic boots.

Mid game

This is the ganking/teamfight phase. Roam around with your team, never be alone. If your carry is farming and the enemies are missing, go hang out near him but care not to steal xp or gold. Lich is a very potent ganker with his spammable slow, so if you see an opportunity with your superior ward placement, tell your team and gank them. If a few teamfights break out, don't waste your ult but be sure to use it! If the fight is away from creeps (somewhere in the river for example), wait for your enemies to group up and commit. Try to stay back out of sight, because enemies will focus you or disengage before you ult. You should have Mekansm and Drum(if nobody else got it) completed by now, and on your way to Agha's.

Late game

Now your carries are farmed, you have your Agha's, it's constant teamfights and pushing. Still, always stay with your team. Time your ults correctly, spam your armor and nuke, remember to use Mekansm. Not much to say here.


Lich is a powerful, beginner friendly support with powerful lane control and teamfights. Thanks for taking the time to read my guide ^.^ See ya next time ;D!

Guide requests!

If you would like a guide to a specific hero, just PM me. I've played dota for about 6 years and know most of the heroes pretty well, but I guarantee you I suck so bad with some =( I'll try my best :D!

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