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Lich Build (7.04)

April 1, 2017 by akkey
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DotA2 Hero: Lich

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Mid Game

Late Game (Situational)

If you can purchase

Hero Skills

Frost Blast

1 3 5 7

Frost Shield

4 13 14 16

Sinister Gaze

2 8 9 10

Chain Frost

6 12


11 15

Hero Talents

Attacks Apply 50% MS/AS Slow
Frost Shield Provides +60 HP Regen
+2s Frost Shield
+150 Cast Range
+120 Damage
-4s Frost Blast Cooldown
+200 Health
+20 Movement Speed

Lich Build (7.04)

April 1, 2017

Lich in one chapter

Lich. Lich is a not really that famous hero because he is really squishy in most parts of the game. But he is on a different level on harassing and denying. With the combo of Frost Blast and Sacrifice, you can easily spam those skills. With a great support skill like Ice Armour, your carry will be hard to kill because of the attack speed and movement speed slow. And you could easily counter 2 man ganks beacuse of his devastating Ultimate, the Frost Chain. And when you get the Aghanim's Scepter, your ultimate will be a pain in the *** for the opposing team. Just keep using Sacrifice for lane control, Frost Blast for harassing, Ice Armour for supporting and Frost Chain in ganks and team fights. Just don't forget to give tangoes to carries and keep buying wards. You're a support hero so the most you can get in yourr items will be the Tranquil Boots, Magic Stick, Mekansm, Bracer and the scepter. You really need to buy the scepter for team fights. But support, harass, deny and place wards. Never kill a carry's kill. Only kill if the enemy hero is escaping. So that's all. Thanks for looking up in my guide :)

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