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Let The Hooking Begin! - A Guide To Pudge

October 14, 2013 by xxNapalmKingxx
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Build 1
Build 2

Standard Build

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order


Gauntlets of Strength
Gauntlets of Strength
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Healing Salve

Early Game

Power Treads
Urn of Shadows
Town Portal Scroll


Aghanim's Scepter
Power Treads
Urn of Shadows
Force Staff

Late Game Extensions

Assault Cuirass
Heart of Tarrasque
Boots of Travel
Black King Bar


Aghanim's Scepter
Heart of Tarrasque
Divine Rapier
Divine Rapier
Divine Rapier
Divine Rapier

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

1 3 5 7


2 4 10 12

Flesh Heap

8 9 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Let The Hooking Begin! - A Guide To Pudge

October 14, 2013


WARNING - This is currently Work in Progress and is not complete. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hello GG (guys and girls)! I see you have came across my guide for Pudge! Pudge used to be my main hero, so I decided to make a guide on him. I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism! If you want to downvote, please comment the reason.
- NapalmKing

Pudge is a durable roamer who snacks on squishy heroes. Your success with this hero depends greatly on your skill, as his main skill is a skillshot.

Pros / Cons

- Is very durable
- Great ganker
- Very nice disable
- Not very item-dependant

- Mana Issues Early and Mid
- Slow movement speed
- Level-dependant (needs level advantage)
- Hook is a skillshot


Hook (Q):

This skill is what defines Pudge.

Pudge launches his meat hook at the desired location, pulling in whatever it hits (yes, you can hook allies). If the hook catches an enemy, it deals 360 damage (at level 4).

The hook speed is relatively slow, so the trick to this skill is to predict your enemy's movement. Almost nobody can get this straight away, so it requires a bit of practice.

Hooking your teammates can be life-saving or even game-changing. Use this to your advantage, and pull in your friends if they are stuck in sticky situations.

When activated, Rot will damage enemies in a 250 radius. It is a toggle, and requires no mana. The catch is that it will also damage you, so you cannot leave it on forever. Rot deal 100 magical damage per second.

This is very useful in many ways. Pudge's Hook + Rot combo is extremely deadly, and you can also use Rot to deny yourself (committing suicide). Denying yourself means that the enemy will not be able to gain gold and experience from your death.
Flesh Heap(E):

This is Pudge's passive ability. At level 4, it gives Pudge 16% magic resistance. The other thing is that, every time an enemy hero dies within a 450 radius, Pudge permanently gains 1.8 strength.

Pudge's Ultimate. This ability disables the enemy target, and deals 175 damage per second for 3 seconds. This skill is most often used after a hook. Using the Hook + Rot + Dismember combo, basically secures you a kill on squishy or under-leveled targets. If you do the math, the hook deals 360 damage, Dismember will deal 525 (175 x 3) damage, and Rot will deal 330 (110 x 3) damage, so you can deal 1215 damage!
This is upgradable with Aghanim's Scepter.

Play Style

Level 1 - 5 (Early Game)

The desired lane for Pudge is solo middle, but he can also work on the side lanes too.
The reason I upgrade the hook at level 1 is for those level 1 teamfights or first blood attemps. Other than that, avoid using your hook early game, as it will use up most of your mana, unless you can secure a kill. When you get Rot, use it to harass the enemy and/or to get more farm. Like stated before, don't try to go for kills since level 1 - 2 hook does not have much range, nor does it have good damage.

Level 6 - 11 (Mid Game)

This is when Pudge shines. Once you aquired your Ultimate and your Hook maxed out (at level 7), you can start to gank. Buy wards if you want more success with hooks.

Level 11 - 25 (Late Game)

If the game continues this long, grab an Aghanims Scepter, and keep roaming and snatching enemies out of lane!

Hooking Spots

Coming Soon!


Here are a few items I will explain.
This is Pudge's favorite early game item. Not only does it restore mana and health for another hook, but it can bottle up runes. It is not necessary, but this item makes your life a lot easier.
Heart of Terrasque:
This basically makes Pudge invincible. The regen allows him to tower dive and the impressive health and strength makes him one of the most feared heroes in the game.
Force Staff:
Blink Dagger is not allowed for Pudge (and that is a good thing), so the alternative is Force Staff. Force Staff is used to quickly get in position for a hook, or to get in range for one. Not everyone uses this on Pudge, but it gives you more opportunity for hooks.


Arcane Boots
These boots are quite nice early game, since it gives you more mana for an extra hook.
Phase Boots
Phase Boots are nice for the extra speed boost, which could get you in position faster or to run away from ganks easier.
Power Threads
These boots are very good because of the stat boosts it offers.
Boots of Travel
Probably the best one for Pudge. The speed it gives is perfect for chasing and the teleportation saves you 135 gold each time a teleportation is needed. The drawback is the huge price tag it comes with. At 2450 gold, it is advisable to leave this to late game to purchase.



Be extremely careful if you want to hook Juggernaut (even avoid it at times). His Q (Blade Fury) makes him magic immune, so Dismember won't affect him. Hooking him in also gives him a chance to use his ulti, Omnislash, killing you instead of him.
Queen of Pain

A skilled QoP player can easily dodge your hooks by blinking away.

Although he does not directly counter Pudge, Puck will make you waste your mana trying to hook him. His Phase Shift dodges hooks and even when you hook him, his Waning Rift silences you and prevents you from using Dismember.

Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger's slow makes it much easier for you to hook enemies in.

His huge stun prevents enemies from running away after your hooks.


These are the heroes Pudge can easily devour.
Simply buy a few Sentry Wards around her webs and launch your hook. Broodmother's huge surface area and low health makes her an easy prey for Pudge.
The Dwarven Sniper is a very easy target; Slow movement speed and extremely squishy.


Alright! That's it for me now. Hope you guys have fun playing as Pudge and hopefully this guide helped you. Keep praticing those hooks!

Thanks to DotaFire for their amazing website and the members who made the guides.

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