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Legion is a Commander

September 22, 2014 by DestructiveTendencies
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Potential One Man Army (MID)

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

1 3 5 8

Press the Attack

2 4 9 10

Moment of Courage

7 11 13 14


6 12 16


15 17 18

Update (Attempt 2)

So, Legion Commander, my favourite hero, was the reason why I decided to have my first attempt at making a Dota 2 guide. After a few conversations with some people, I learned a few things that I actually did not know. A few months down the line and I'm here now, doing an update to Legion is a Commander guide. I'm going to try and attempt to put as much detail into this attempt as I can. I know all wont agree and some will probably say the same stuff, but what I want everybody to remember is that this guide is offering an alternative/specific way to play Legion Commander.

All content below is from the 1st attempt, I am looking on beginning it some time this week and the guide is going to be hopefully a big one, to cover as much as possible.

Legion Commander

The best way to explain her is to expain her.

She is a strength mellee hero who is excellent at mid position. She can lane both lanes, and she can jungle, altough jungling Legion I wont be discussing in this guide as I dont jungle her. She has a great nuke spell, a multi-beneficial second spell, an absolute insane passive in Moment of Courage, and of course her ultimate, Duel!

So what is the ultimate point of playing Legion?

Basically, she has incredile snowball potential. She can literally become uncontrollable if her snowball potential is utilized. How does she snowball? Her ultiamte Duel. Permanent damage gain for the duration of the current game when the duelled target is killed by Legion or allies. HER GAME IS DAMAGE GAIN, WHICH RESULTS IN DAMAGE OUTPUT, and boy she can dish damage out to the enemy.

So you go mid..

After playing some 230 games of Legion, this is how I've become to play her. Bottom line, you need to win that first duel, earlier the better. My build is much different to some of the guides I've seen for her. I don't deviate from this build up until a certain point. Doing it this way and provided good team communication, Legion can kill, and snowball, then annihilate the enemy.

Buy quelling blade, that's it. Nothing else. Go to mid, be smart and soak up them last hits. Get bottle as soon as you have gold. Legion is now online. When the creeps meet, wait until the first one is about to die and then cast Q, Overwhelming Odds. With practice, you will kill the first enemy creep, damage the ones around + enemy hero, and then take down the rest of the wave. Always check the rune, 2:00 is Legions friend. Get that rune, and get back to spamming and winning mid lane.

Your next item is Power Treads. The stat you really want from the treads as Legion is the attack speed, this is the first step into ensuring your first duel victory, ATTACK SPEED.

You normally will be level 6 by the time you have powertreads and you normally should have these before going looking for your first duel, unless of course you have haste rune and the situation has arose. If at 6 mins you have QB, Bottle and Powertreads, your mid is going fine.

A question answered, why Crystalis over Armlet...

Firstly I would like to point out that I have no trouble playing a Legion with an early Crystalis. It's something to be practiced and in my opinion makes her strong and formidable, earlier in the game. Just that little bit earlier than what you would be building an Armlet.

My point being, Armlet is awesome, but is suited better to other hero's. There are plenty of builds out there for Legion which include Armlet. All I am doing is offering a different take on Legion, one that I know is effective and potentially destructive.

Reason 1. You can build Crystalis much earlier in game, so this is my point. You can go and roam for a duel. Lets say you win. You had +30 dmg from Crystalis (3 duels) and a critical chance (so you have increased your odds of winning the duel). You also had your team help. Duel won, +10. Crystalis is instantly empowered by this plus 10, and it continues each and every time you win a duel (which of course is your ultimate objective).

Reason 2. All hero's are easier to kill early game, because its early game, and there squishy. So more chance of first duel success.

Reason 3. I think the difference in gold is 700 (roughly), which means I'm 700 gold closer too farming a Blink Dagger. This can be done quickly. Having Blink and Crystalis at this point is much more of a threat than having an Armlet alone.

Reason 4. There was a comment that stated its critical hit is low early game. Yeah it is, almost 250/300 crit. Can you imagine taking 250/300 hp of somebody early game, just because you have a passive crit. What are all heros early game, squishy and low HP. Nobody is expecting Legion to have any type of early game critical hit, so imagine there surprise when there duelled and you auto hit them once, a little 90 dmg maybe, but then on the next hit boom, crit hit of 300. You can guarantee the enemy will **** themselves... and then die.

The ''Duelling Phase''

So, your level 6 possible 7, so you have a point in passive MoC (helps for your first duel). Now is the time to go duel, but firstly, there are multiple factors to consider.

Is the enemy wave and hero's pushed back under there tower? Probably not a good idea to go that way and duel. Who are you up against and what can they do to you. When you get there who's going to be your duel target and why. It should be noted you want to duel the one who is more squishier, but you must take into consideration that whoever you duel, his teammate is going to attack you, and certain people disrupt your duel and make it fail (NEVER GOOD). For example, you go top and gank. There is a Huskar and a Dazzle. You first and second ability, and duel, but you duel Huskar. What will Dazzle do if your about to kill Husk? Grave. Husk lives, no duel kill, no permanent damage. You could even possibly die. Is the enemy pushing top lane tower? Perfect time to go that way then and start a duel. FOR GOD SAKE, communicate with your team, you tell them when to attack with you. Same scenario. You gank top, first and second ability, and duel. You duel Dazzle. Your team has already joined in. Maybe you have a Sven on that lane and he throws his stun as your duel. Dazzle is 100% dead and Huskar hasn't had the time to ulti and damage you badly.


Continue this trend as often and successfully as possible. The snowball helps to farm a lot easier as well. If you can farm ancients easily around the 15 min mark, your early game farm and duels are going well.

Now we are getting a Blink Dagger.

Blink over Shadow and Legion's Passive

I think the strongest point of the Blink Shadow argument for Shadow is the ability to be able to attack and possibly escape. With Blink its possible too, but that depends on not being hit by an enemy hero for 3 seconds. That be the curse of the Blink on Legion, but this curse makes you actually notice Legions hidden potential. Example, you have cast PtA and blinked and duelled and killed. Your missing abit of life and there two other heros attacking you. You have at this point done well with your duels and farm and exp.

Rule 1 of this scenario. After the duel and your still under attack, you close the distance between you and the closest enemy doing damage to you, and let her hit. You can not blink away at this point. DO NOT JUST TRY AND RUN AWAY AFTER IT, YOU WILL DIE AND FAIL, FIGHT, AND BE SURPRISED AT LEGION. If Legion crits, your going to crit them hard, BUT, if she procs and crits again, plus the lifesteal of the total damage (critical included), you see them die and watch your HP bar just jump a little more greener. Honestly its amazing how many times this has kept me alive in situations where I am dead.. lol.. and suddenly your not. This can lead to triple and ultra kills too. A snowballed Legion can surprise you. A little tip too, after you've engaged and used spells and duel, always be alert to be instantly cast your second ability when its back, because its the shortest and that hp gain and ATTACK SPEED gain when you focus your next enemy can not be underestimated, this spell has serious survivor/KILLER potential.

Rule 2. If caught out, DO NOT RUN AWAY, YOU WILL DIE AND FAIL, FIGHT. It just might happen. One of Legions quotes is 'The odds where against you, you just didn't know it'. What Legion is, her actual 4 skills, give her the odds, a chance, possibilities when there shouldn't be none. When you pull it off you will understand what I mean. Legion is a beast.

Yeah so blink all the way. Its cheaper, and in my opinion very effective early-mid game. It enables Legion to catch supports out unawares on there own (all of this is mainly for duelling as well), enables her to initiate if she's feeling brave, allows her to chase down almost dead Pudges, allows her to farm faster, allows her to rune control more effectively, and does allow her to get away..

Explanation of why you get the three core items I state

Ok. The three core items I go now, is where I am currently at in the 'evolvement' of my build and how I play Legion.

In the earlier days of playing her, I probably never even bought quelling blade. My first big item that I would get after getting Powertreads would be a Hyperstone. My reasoning in this, more attack speed, more hits in duel, more chance of win. Now I'm not going to lie, this did work, but over time I realised that as good as this early Hyperstone was, I wasn't packing a punch with my auto-attacks, so I wasn't securing enough duel kills because I was missing that little bit of umph in the hit. (I would like too add, I normally rushed an Assault Cuirass back then).

Ok, so whats on the table for Legion that can give me that LITTLE bit of UMPH I needed in my auto hit, for 2000g. Sange and Crystalis. So here I needed to weigh up the pro's of each one.

Sange pros: + 16 Str (more HP and DMG) + 10 damage (a duel win) and lesser maim of 15% to slow the enemy and slow there attack speed by 20%.

Crystalis pros: + 30 DMG (3 duel wins) 20% critical chance and 175% critical damage.

So I've got my three core items and I'm fucking shit up, what to buy next?

After this it should be really simple to you what you want to buy next, because it should be obvious what you need to finish off the game. I'll try my best

Closing Points..

¬ Legion can mid and is a strong mid hero. Can easily contest a Pudge.
¬ Is a potential powerful semi-carry.
¬ Can absolutely snowball.
¬ This is the build to go. This is hardcore LC!

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