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Legion Commander: The 'fair' fighter

September 29, 2014 by AwesomeEv
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Mid, solo hard lane, hardcarry

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

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Legion Commander: The 'fair' fighter

September 29, 2014


Legion Commander is an easy hero to play as any role but this is focused on her midlaning and side laning. She can be very powerful in all stages of the game. This is a very short guide but she is a very easy and simple hero to play if played correctly. I will try to give tips on how her abilities should be used.


Her skills need to be used correctly to be able to be good at her.


This ability is to be mostly used to finish off an enemy, or as an initiator for a team fight. It can put you in a good position for the upcoming battle or chase because it increases movement speed.


This is an extremely important ability for you or to help others. This ability can be used as a healer, although I think the bonus attack speed is better. Use this ability just before you Duel with an opponent. It can be extremely useful especially if it is going to be a close battle. This ability is also great for destroying towers.


I cannot say much about this ability, because it is only useful for jungling, which you can do during the game and while waiting for a good gank.


Many people make a mistake in how they use this ability. This ability is meant to be fair against an opponent but it is actually to trap the enemy hero. Remember, even if the hero has low health, you still use it because they cannot escape and you receive bonus damage. But never use this ability where you have a chance of losing because it can be very useful to your opponent. Never use when outnumbered.

Pros / Cons


Amazing ganker
Good in solo fights
Does not need support


Not a team player
Bad against tanky heroes
Terrible when under leveled.


Legion Commander is a relatively easy hero to play and I see Professional players will use her in tournaments because of her amazing ultimate and harassing. It is also very easy to get farm because of her attack speed and good jungling.You always need to remember that the way her abilities are used determine how good of a player you are at her.

How the guide helped,
AwesomeEv :)

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