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Legion Commander (Jungle guide)

December 12, 2015 by R1ck
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DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

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Legion Commander (Jungle guide)

December 12, 2015


Hi there! So this is my first guide to jungle as Legion Commander. Before start this guide let me tell you that this guide was designed by me and because of the experience that I earned trough many games. This is not a random guide, beleive that. She is one of my favorite heroes in Dota 2 so you are probably talking with a veteran in using Legion Commander lol. By the way in this guide you will see in "Hero Builder" or "Purchase Order" that I divided Early, Mid and Late game stages to show you in more details what to have first, or What to get and what to sell after sell an item, etc. Let's start this guide!


Early Game - #1:

Tango As you know this is the first item you have to buy during jungle

Stout shield To block damage from neutral creeps.

Advice - It's more safe to start farm with low level creeps (1-3 lvl) They don't do too much damage and you can save some tango for later. Until you get some lvl you can go with high level neutral creeps

Quelling blade It gives you extra damage in neutral creeps

Early game - #2:

Ring of Basilius It gives you some armor and mana regen. Useful when using "Press the attack" while farming high lvl creeps. You will use this item to get Vladimir's offering so don't sell it.

Poor man's shield Basically it will always block damage from creeps. Very helpful in early "Duels".

Gloves of haste A good item to start doing some duels. It gives you attack speed which is important to get a "Duel" won. You have to either be alive or be alive after a duel. No matter what happens after duel, don't give them free damage.

Mid game - #1

Vladimir's offering Basically for every attack you give you gain some health. Helpful while dueling

Power Treads One of the most used and basic items in Dota 2. It gives you attack speed and movement speed.

Shadow blade This is one of the best items to start dueling in mid game and late game. Why?

- Using Shadow blade gives you extra damage. While using it, the firt attack that you give will take 10% or 20% aprox from your opponent's health. How to use it and have ez duels? First, use "Press the attack" and then "Shadow Blade". While dueling, you just gave ur opponent some extra damage, having a shadow blade gives you some attack speed and it will be hard for you to die because of your Vladimir's offering. This is one of the best items to start dueling and have ez extra damage.

- You won't use Shadow Blade the whole game or late game. After several times that you ganked others while using Shadow Blade you will make the other team to buy sentry wards, Dust. Even Gem of True Sigth. So you will have to do this. Sell your Shadow Blade and get Blink Dagger Before do this, make sure you have some good extra damage. If you have good extra damage you basically won't need Shadow blade to win duels. Remember, Shadow Blade is to win some duels and have ez extra damage in early and mid game. Now that you get Blink Dagger it will be more ez to win duels and gain extra damage. The smartest and funniest thing here is that the other team ain't know that you just sold your Shadow Blade They spent money getting Sentry Wards, Dust, or maybe Gem of true sight which is good because they probably had to sell his items or drop important items to have room for sentries, dust or gem.

Advice - Don't get Shadow blade when you have Invi heroes in your team such as Riki, Bounty Hunter, Templar Assassin, Sand King, etc. Instead of get Shadow blade get Blink DaggerIn mid game even early game the other team will have by that time Sentry wards and dust. Your attempts to gank will fail. Perhaps if you have a good support who is dewarding everytime there won't be any problem having Shadow Blade. But all this time playing as LC I recommend you have Blink Dagger in this situation because I don't really trust in supports. 1 or 2 of 10 people play as a good support. Better safe than sorry.

Mid Game - #2

Skull Basher A tipical item for a melee carry. Very useful during "Duel"

Desolator Another tipical item for melee carry. It is useful as well during "Duel"

Advice - I recommend get Desolator first and then Skull Basher. Why? Because you can reduce -7 of armor during "Duel". Almost every Hero has between 5 and 7 of armor in mid game so you can easly won a duel. And of course Skull Basher can stun your enemy for a while during "Duel" But remember, always Desolator first.

Late game - #1

Assault Cuirass At this point of the game your enemies will have good armor so the best solution is sell you Poor Man's Shield and get this useful item. This item has a passive ability which gives you 10 of armor, give you +35 attack speed, gives a bonus of armor to your team (+5 armor) and reduces your enemies armor in -5 armor. So when you "Duel" others plus Desolator (-7 armor) which combined with Assault Cuirassresults -12 of armor reduction you will get an ez kill. Now you see the importance of Desolator

Boots of Travel Since Assault Cuirass gives you +35 Attack Speed it is not necesarry to have Power Treads so just sell it and get this item. It gives you more Movement speed and also you can teleport next to your Creep allies or buildings. Useful to start pushing lanes and get towers.

Blink Dagger As I said by selling Shadow blade you have more opportunity to have some ez duels at this point of the game. Also very useful to escape.

Abyssal Blade Now this this item you can stun your enemy for 2 second giving your more chances to win a duel. Very useful if your enemy got very strong in late game. If you check your time you can make it more ez how? Blink next to your enemy, then use Abyssal Blade on him (You have only 2 seconds to do all the damage that you can) and then "Duel" him after those last 2 seconds. At that moment you just make sure that you will win your "Duel"

Late game - #2

Monkey King Bar Sometimes you will face heroes that have an ability called "Evasion". You will see this annoying ability in Heroes like Phantom Assassin, Riki, Windranger, Tinker, Brewmaster, Keeper Of The Light, Faceless Void and Broodmother. Basically having Monkey King Bar won't let you miss any attack. So in this case with Legion Commander as an advice I may sell my Skull Basher[/i} to have Monkey King Bar. Also this item has a chance to mini stun your enemy. So you will still have the chance to stun anyways.

Late game - #3

Black King Bar This item is the last thing you will have in case of extreme need. Since you have lots of duels won and having a nice damage you will have to sell your Blink Dagger. If you have some good supports than can disable or have the abilty to stun at least 2 or 3 enemies you can "Duel" without having trouble of magic damage or any abilty that can disble.

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