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Legion commander is overpowered

May 17, 2014 by UglyTroll
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lane nuker

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

1 4 5 7

Press the Attack

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Moment of Courage

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Legion commander is overpowered

May 17, 2014

EZ game

Legion commander is currently overpowered. This means you can play almost any way you like it and still win. Her skills are ridiculously good - she has one of the best nukes in the game which also gives insane movement speed. She has one of the best heals in the game which also gives insane attack speed. She has one of the best disables in the game which also gives permanent insane damage. So much damage that if you had to buy an item with the same amount you would spend 1200 gold and a slot in your inventory.

Early game

Have you seen the noobs play it in the forest? That is terrible because why just farm and be vulnerable to ganks in the forest when you can farm AND harass the enemy? Don't get me wrong playing in the forest can still work because the hero is insanely overpowered but her true strength is when playing on lane. Just max and spam your insane nuke and no enemy hero can lane effectively or run away from you. And if they are 2 or 3 against you it only makes your nuke better. Playing on lane also lets you start snowballing earlier which is very important.

Snowballing out of control

Once you hit level 6 you must start thinking about your snowballing. That damage gain from your ult is your most overpowered skill. Coordinate with your team and gank low hp heroes. Supports are usually the best targets because they have low hp pool and also they have the disables which could potentially disrupt your ult. Watch out for such disrupting heroes that can disarm you, imprison you or make your target invulnerable while you are using your ult. Best examples are outworld destroyer, shadow demon, dazzle or any hero with eul's scepter.


Early game you only need soul ring because you need mana for your nuke and the hp price is not a problem because you have insane heal too. After soul ring buy power threads as they give you both durability and attack speed.
Beyond early game you need items in the following order of importance:
1. Durability. Look at your enemy team and decide wether you need physical, magical durability or both. If you only need physical durability then go for assault cuirass otherwise any str item will be good. If they have a lot of disables consider buying a black king bar.
2. Attack speed. In order to take full advantage of the damage from your ult you need attack speed. Assault cuirass is good because it also gives you armor but mjolnir is also good because it has a procing ability which is the next point.
3. Proccing items such as mjolnir and basher.
All 3 of the above points are targeted and making your insane ult even better. You need to be hard to kill so that when their entire team focuses you it only makes you stronger by giving you the extra attacks from your passive. You need attack speed and proccing items so that you finish the other hero quickly.
Any items for setting up the fight such as blink dagger or shadow blade are useless because you can easily reach your target with the insane speed your nuke gives you. Don't buy them. If you have trouble getting inside the team fights it is beacause you are getting disabled so it is much better to buy a black king bar which also gives you your such desired durability. Any items that give you only damage are useless because the damage from them will at some point become negligible compared to the damage from your ult.

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