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Legion Commander Guide to Offlane/Hard Lane

September 4, 2014 by RaveSetsuna
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Build 1
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DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

2 3 5 7

Press the Attack

1 8 9 10

Moment of Courage

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Legion Commander Guide to Offlane/Hard Lane

September 4, 2014


This is my build for an offlane/hard lane legion commander, it's my first time
im just an averaged Dota and Dota 2 Player.

Pros and Cons


-has a aoe skill that damages enemy depending on how many it hit, it's really good versus a tri-lane
-can heal herself and gain attack speed through "Press the Attack" skill
-has a skill that can heal herself through attacks
-adds a bonus damage to himself when killing enemy heroes through the duration of her ulti
-bit tanky thanks to her skills


-not much effective without an initiation item (blink)

Starting Items and Core Items

*Why Soul Ring?
-you will be maxing out "Overwhelming Odds" skill first and the hero has a low mana pool
*Why is the Starting Item Sage's Mask and not Stout Shield
-you need to get Soul Ring as soon as possible since you only have few/or won't have chances to get near an enemy creep
*Blink? Why not Shadow Blade since it gives you additional damage and attack speed

1.Shadow Blade will be so easily get countered by Sentry Ward and Gem of True Sigh
2.When you initiate with "Shadow Blade + Hit + Press the Attack", you will give an hero or his teammates to react and help
3.and When you initiate with "Press the Attack + Shadow blade", you will waste a lot of the skill duration since you need to do this away from enemy sight
*Why is Blade Mail on Core items and not Situational Item
1.Blade is a "MUST" since "DUEL" skill will get you vulnerable from other attacks
2.or the Hero you are dueling have an extreme damage output
-since you have a skill that gives you attack speed and an ultimate skill that gains you damage when won, you might just build up ms speed and stats, it is really a good combination with phase boots and "Overwhelming Odds" movement speed.
*Phase Boots, Not Power Treads?
-Phase Boots gives you 16% additional MS and +24 Damage, you don't need the attack speed of Power Treads since your skills can already give you that.

Skill Build

*Why Max Overwhelming Odds and not Moment of Courage and Press the Attack to stay on the Lane?
-since this guide is about laning on offlane/hard lane, you need a skill that has a range and will still be able to farm without getting yourself in harm's way
*Get Press the Attack on level 1 in case of first blood attempt at you

Luxury Items

-Daedulus is a really good item on Legion Commander since Duel will be adding bonus damage to you, you might as well as give it an insane critical damage
-Desolator gives you +60 Damage and a -6 Armor on the unit you hit, you need really need this to start laying waste on your enemies
*Assault Cuirass
-gives you a large amount of armor and an attack speed, and gives an enemy unit -5 armor reduction

Situational Item

*Armlet of Mordiggian
-Gives +31 Damage, +10 Attack Speed, and +25 Strength while active, but drains 40 HP per second, but your "Press the Attack" skill can cover up the drain for a bit
*Heaven's Halberd
-is a must if your enemy team has a lot of Hit-Oriented Heroes or the enemy hero you are dueling with is not your favorite to deal damage to you even for a few strikes
*Vladimir's Offering
-gives you a bit of Mana Regen and a Lifesteal Aura, a lot of people explained this that your supports can get it to you or you are playing a pub game whereas your team has 5 carry hero, you might just get this for yourself
*Black King Bar
-gives you magic immunity on activation, it is really needed if your enemy team has a lot of disables

what to do now?

I have all the skills and items i needed, what now?

simple really

-Position yourself on a fog, skill "Press the Attack" on yourself, press Black King Bar, Blink and then DUEL!!!


Sorry for the boring Guide, it is my first time making one, and sorry for the Bad English

*Go Pub Stomp People Guys.

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