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Legion Command - Newbie / Beginner's guide

April 8, 2016 by lamdolles
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Legion Command - Newbie / Beginner's guide

April 8, 2016


Hi everyone,

I am writing this guide for those who will like to give Legion Commander (LC) a try, especially those who are new to LC and the game.

In this LC build, it's slightly different with the some of the most common suggested build you will find, because I am trying to keep things as simple as possible for the new learner, with little key press combo required and easy to build items.

There is a few things you may wanna keep them in mind while you're playing with this guide,

    You'll need to play safe in the early by farming in the jungle and avoiding any clash.
    This is a guide for a carry, so your ultimate goal is control, carry and manage the game to lead yourself to the victory.

I hope that with this guide it will help you learn your LC playing easily.
Once you'd pretty well mastered LC, you can start switching to more complex item/skill combination fitting to their playing style.

Game Play - Prior to level 6

As mentioned in the introduction, you will need to play safe until you're ready for clash, so always start your game at the jungle lane (bottom for the Radiance/top for the Dire).

Kindly refer to the skill and item build sequence on how to build your skill and item.

Stay in the lane until you'd reached level 2, and you should have your 2nd and 3rd skill up, with enough gold to build the Ring of Basilius by now, and you may start farming in the jungle until you've reached level 6 with a pair of Phase Boots build.

If you do know how to place a ward, you may also try to place a ward near the rune spawning area to grab the rune safely.

Notes: Focus on gaining your level and item build, try to avoid all unnecessary clash.
You should be able to reach level 6 by 7 minutes in game and have your Shadow Blade completed by 15 minutes.

Game Play - After level 6

Once you've reached level 6, you will need to up your 4th skill as demonstrate in the skill build path, whereby you can start joining your team mates in clashes to stack-up your damage.

Here comes the most important point about LC, the 4th skill a.k.a Duel. To make it simple for a beginner, only duel when you're quite sure that you can eliminate the target before the Duel timer ends. You won't need to check the timing on when to cast the Duel, just be sure that you can kill the target, then you may start casting your skill on the target.

There is a skill and item combination here, which you'll need to practice and get used to with it,

    Chase to the target as close as possible, basically be just right next to it or best on it. You can use your Phase Boots to help on this.
    Cast the 2nd skill on yourself, follow by the 4th skill on the target.

Always be careful while picking your target, choose those heroes with less HP, no jamming skill (stun/void/miss). And clash with your team mates' help during the early game before you've build up your damage.

The game will be all yours once you've started staking quite a huge amount of damage, like above 100.

You may just then help pushing lane and clash with others.

Notes: Always keep it in mind that, do not stay too long in a single lane, you should rather spend more time roaming the map, farming in the jungle to get your Shadow Blade and Desolator up as soon as possible.

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