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Legend's Guide To Sploooooshing Mid With The Captain of the Costa Concordia

September 19, 2013 by IAmLegend
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Mid Kunkka

DotA2 Hero: Kunkka

Hero Skills


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X Marks the Spot

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Legend's Guide To Sploooooshing Mid With The Captain of the Costa Concordia

September 19, 2013


This is my first attempt at a guide, so I don't really know if I'm doing everything right. But anyways, my name is Legend (IAmLegend) for those who want to add me. I don't play Kunkka nearly as much as I would like to, but he's one of my favorite characters. Constructive criticism is welcomed, no flaming just to flame. I may forget something here or there, but bear with me and bring it up and I will comment.



Torrent is a good disable for enemies that need to channel to cast, i.e. Crystal Maiden, Enigma, etc.... It's also good for chasing and for setting up your ghost ship. Try to lead the target, the delay in cast time is hard to time, but once you get it, you're golden. It's also good for harassing mid lane.

Tide Bringer

Tidebringer is your bread and butter. Max it first. The Cleave damage is huge for team fights and farming. It makes last hitting and harassing a breeze, especially against squishy mids like sniper.

X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot is very good to set up your boat on a solo target. It's also good for chasing and pulling an enemy back in to a torrent. Don't be afraid to use it.

Ghost Ship

Ghost ship is your awesome ultimate. It damages and stuns. It's a little hard to get it down, try to lead the targets, or let your team initiate and drop the boat when the other team is fighting. It can really turn a game around with a good boat. It's also very good at engaging a team in the Rosh Pit.

Early Game

I only play Kunkka mid. I wouldn't have him be a teams hard carry. And I feel that he would push a hard/long lane too hard and wouldn't get good farm. Correction on this I played a Kunkka Easy Lane last night and did really well, so he can be played on more then one lane. Just be aware that you aren't going to bottle rush and rune ***** if you aren't mid. I recommend starting with a tango, 3 iron branch (to be upgraded to a magic wand) and a healing salve. Rush bottle. You can use the runes effectively, especially invis rune to set up ganks with your boat at 6. I like to go Bottle -> Boots of Speed -> Magic Wand -> Shadow Blade. Feel free to cut out the wand, or adjust to whatever you need.

Farm mid using Tide Bringer. Make sure you angle yourself to hit the opposing mid hero with each Tide Bringer. Harass accordingly with Torrent, but be mindful. It's a mana heavy cast and Kunkka has a small mana pool to start. And you'll want to drop a boat as soon as you hit 6.


Save boats for team fights or ganks. You should have a shadow blade relatively early, this will greatly increase your farm rate. Shadow Blade + Tide Bringer is one of the best farming combos in the game. Shadow Blade also allows you to sneak around and get a good Ghost Ship in when the other team isn't expecting it. Continue to farm here and assist teammates that need help on lanes. You can counter push very easily and effectively with Tide Bringer.

For Items, I like to start bulking up on Strength and Damage items, like Monkey King Bar and Daedulus. For Strength, I like to keep the Power Treads on Strength and pick up a Heart of Terrarasque Late game. The Strength gain is huge and the HP and HP Regen aren't too bad either. Feel free to substitute in an Assault Curr*** or another armor boosting item heading in to the late game.

Late Game

If you are really on with your Ghost Ship, feel free to lead with it on team fights. The combo would be Ghost Ship -> Shadow Blade -> [Tide Bringer If not, wait for your team to engage and then you throw it out. Same combo. Again, angle yourself so that you hit the maximum amount of enemies with each Tide Bringer. Also keep in mind, if someone is trying to run, use your X Marks the Spot or cleave another hero to get to that hero. You get kills that you weren't even expecting. It takes practice to remember that you can kill someone else by hitting a hero, but you'll get it eventually.

Farming Late Game is easy. Shadow Blade + Tide Bringer will literally take out an entire creep wave. This allows you to farm gold, farm xp, and push towers relatively easily.

If all goes well, you will finish something like 10-5-20 in a longer game. Your boat will be a fantastic team fighting assist. The key I always tell myself is to not go for kills on the boat, but try to hit as many enemy heroes as I can with it. If I kill someone then great. If not, then you get 2-3 assists. Unless you fail boat


I tried to be concise, but can always add more later. Feel free to comment and criticize, constructive only please, and no flaming.


Update 9/19. Tried to add in the codes for links to in game characters. Also updated a few other sections. Apparently I failed at the linking of items and characters. Can someone help instruct me with the code to do it?

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