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LazyPanda *=== 's guide to Chen "ALL ARE HEALED"

March 3, 2012 by rickondraw
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DotA2 Hero: Chen

Hero Skills


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Holy Persuasion

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Divine Favor

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Hand of God

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LazyPanda *=== 's guide to Chen "ALL ARE HEALED"

March 3, 2012


Hello everybody!

This is my Hero guide to Chen the ultimate support Hero.

Chen is personally my favorited hero, but can be one of the hardest heroes to play in dota due to Micro and judgement.

It is a pretty long guide but there is so much to cover on this hero.
so sit down and enjoy the read.

-One of the best if not the best support in dota.
-Strong pusher with creeps.
-Can jungle with no items.
-Fast mek/Arcane Boots
-Can save teammates with Holy Pursuasion.
-28% dmg increase with Penitance.
-Can controle up to 3 creeps.
-Aura's (if you have creeps that have them)
-People will love u when u save them.

-Hard to learn.
-Hard to micro all the creeps.
-Usually first to be focused.
-Relatively squishy.


Wards Wards WARDS!

Throughout the whole game you should be buying wards either obs or sentries if you are de-warding or facing an invis Hero.
Wards are the best items for a support hero especially for Chen because he will be Roaming around a lot and he makes a pretty decent amount of money in the jungle.
Placing these near the rune or in lane to cover your allies can save there life and not to mention keep rune control.

Also dont forget to buy smokes if you know they have wards up. and if you want to smoke/gank/push the enemy team.

Starting Items:

When the game starts what you want to do is buy is the Animal Courier, Observer Wards and a Ring of Protection that can be later turned into a Ring of Basilius.
If your team has other supports that can or want to buy the Courier go ahead and buy the Ring of basilius right of the start.
Which will help your creeps tank more damage since the ring give them +2 armour. also the mana regen is pretty nice.

However I would reccomend getting wards and a ring of protection because warding is such an importation thing to do in dota.
you can always buy a Sage's Mask in the side shop or at base.

Major items:

Your first item will be an Arcane Boots since it will boots up your mana pool by +250 and give the nice active ability of giving 150 mana in an Aoe around you(Your creeps also get this mana).

You could get Boots of Speed and a Headress(or buckler for the armour) instead of rushing your arcane boots.
But this depends if you are gonna need the mana or the regen for your creeps.

After that you will want to pick up your Mekanism pretty fast.
Mek will give you another active heal ability which is really nice for keeping your team-mates alive and pushing. (also heals your creeps)

Lastly you want to pick up an Aghanim's Scepter.
The "ult stick" as it is called, will lower your cooldown of your Hand of God to 30 seconds which is insane.

After that your game would probably be over but if it drags on a Vladimir's offering is a good pick-up.
Vlads will give a life-steal and damage buff to nearby allies, which is nice for pushing or keeping your carry alive.

Also if your are being killed a lot early/mid game you can buy a bracer for added survivability and that can be turned into a Drums of Endurance later on.
How to use the Drums is easy Pop a charge in the middle of a team-fight or when pushing a Rax.

If you have a pesky Ursa or riki on the enemy team that is focusing you a lot you can buy a Ghost Scepter which will make u invulnerable to there attacks for a short time.


Sythe of Vyse (Sheep Stick) for well.. sheeping.
Get this if no one else has one and ur farm is very good.
Necronomicon (for pushing)
Vladimir's Offering (already explained)
Ghost Scepter (explained above)

Skill Build and usage

Skill build:
1: Holy Persuasion
2: Test of Faith
3: Holy Persuasion
4: Test of Faith
5: Holy Persuasion
6: Hand Of God
7: Holy Persuasion
8: Test of Faith
9: Test of Faith
10: Penitence
11: Hand Of God
12: Penitence
13: Penitence
14: Penitence
15: stats
16: Hand Of God
17-25: stats

You can switch Test of Faith with Penitence if you want a slow and not a nuke.

Holy Persuasion
What u want to do with this spell is use it in creeps to take them under your control.
At level 1: 1 creep
At level 2: 1 creep
At level 3: 2 creeps
At level 4: 3 creeps

What make this spell so unique is that when used on your ally it will send them back to base with a delay of 3 seconds at level 4.

How to use this properly:
When your ally is focused down in team-fights/or getting ganked, you can use this skill on them to save there ***.

This requires some judgement tho:
Are you sure your ally is going to die?
Do the enemies still have stuns or the dps to kill him? (aka can he escape on his own?)

How to ensure they will get tp'd back and not die:
You can use your Hand of God or Mek to get better chance that he will be send back.
Also if you have a dazzle on your team you can get guaranteed tp's with Grave.

Test of Faith
Your basic Nuke that does a random amount of damage.
between 200 - 400 at level 4.

Your basic slow of 32% at level 4, but also will apply a debuff that increases the damage done to that unit by 28% at level 4.
The damage buff is very good in the late game.

When you are using your skills on a single enemy make sure you use Penitence BEFORE Test of Faith because this will increase the damage of Test of Faith

Hand Of God
Hand of God is Chen's ultimate it is a big burst heal which heals for 400 at level 4.
Use this when a team-fight erupts right when everyone is about 60>80% hp.

How to play:

Chen is a jungling hero primarily but can be seen in lane however far stronger in the jungle.

First Miunuts in the jungle

When the game starts you want to get your items and head to the jungle(dire: top Radiant: bot) go stand near the rune spawn but make sure you are not seen by the enemy when the rune does spawn, you can pick it up or tell your team its there.

At 0:30 seconds the neutral creeps will spawn.
Head over to the stronger creeps and use your Holy Persuasion on them to take control of them.
Good first creeps are Centaur Khan, Ursa Warrior, Troll Warlord and the Satyr.

Now just spend some time jungling and make some money.

For the rest of the game u want to be jungling, ganking and pushing. finding a nice balance between this take some time.
When team-fights start BE THERE.


If you are confident and got a good lane on your side you can try and get first blood with only one creep.
Using an Ursa or a Centaur are the best option for this because they do a lot of damage and have stun/slows)
What u want to do is come from behind when the lane is pushed towards your tower, if your team has stuns its easier to get your creeps stun/slow off.

Here come the tricky part MICRO, when coming from behind make sure you send your creep first and try to use the centaur stun or ursa slow to disable them.
If your team stunned them first make sure you stun/slow them just about when there stun runs out.
enjoy your first blood! try not to kill steal it from the carry but if they cant get it, just last hit him.


Chen is a great pusher and can get towers under 4/5 minutes easy.
When you are level 4 u can control 2 creeps.
With these 2 creeps you want to gank a lane preferably the one adjacent to your jungle and when u got a kill push the lane with your 2 creeps.
If you failed your gank you can still try to push the lane but it will be a bit harder.

When pushing make sure the other normal creeps die first before your creeps start tanking the tower.
A nice trick is to send one of your creep ahead between the two towers and tank the upcoming minion wave this will make sure you can do maximum damage on the tower. and keep the lane creeps on the tower.


Before a team-fight starts make sure you have some creeps for the job, there Aura's can really impact a game.

When the team-fight erupts wait with your Hand of God a bit after a big AOE is thrown like Tide's Ravage.
Don't use the Hand of God when everyone is really low, use it when everyone is about 60%>80% hp.
If you can, try to send someone back with your Holy Persuasion.
It's nice to save a mek for this or use mek right after your Hand of God to maximise healing.

Using your creeps can be hard in team-fights but try to switch between them and use there abilities.

Other than that try to stay back use Penitence on the enemy carry because this will increase damage on him.

Jungle Creeps/Micro


What i usually do is use the hotkeys:
1 for myself
2 for 1st creep
3 for 2nd creep
4 for 3rd creep
5 for all creeps

You can also use TAB when nothing is selected to switch between your controled units.

Blocking with creeps

A very cool thing to do with your creeps is blocking the enemy when they are running away.
This can be very difficult to pull off however.

When you are coming from behind the enemy heroes in lane right click your own hero on them so he starts attacking (also use your abilities).
Then take controle of your creep and start blocking the enemy hero just like blocking a creeps.
pressing S and clicking lots of times.
rapidly clicking side to side is a good way to block because the hero will be stupid to walk in a straight line and will try yo avoid you.
Make sure your own hero is save(not being attack) and still following so switch between your hero and the creeps.
This might take some practice though.

jungle creeps for Chen

Centaur Khan:
War stomp: 2 seconds stun.
Swiftness aura: increases your attack speed by 15%.

Dark Troll warlord:
Ensnare: 1.5 second disable.
Raise Dead: Raises 2 skeleton warriors out of a nearby corpse. very good for pushing.

Ursa Warrior:
Thunder Clap: Has a 20% move/attack speed slow and also does 150 damge in an aoe.

Satyr Hellcaller:
Shockwave: 100dmg nuke.
Unholy aura: 3hp/s regen aura.

Alpha Wolf:
Packleader's Aura: 30% bonus increase in damage. Very good in the late game.

Enraged Wildkin:
Thoughness Aura: give a 3+ armour around around him
Tornado: Channeld Tornado which does damage and slows nearby enemies.

Ogre Magi:
Ice Armor: Armor Bonus +8, when attack slows move speed by 30% and attack speed by 20%.

The Centaur and Ursa warrior are the best creeps for lvl 1-2 ganks because there damage is so high.
Also the satyr is very good because it has a 100 dmg nuke which is very easy to land if you can aim.

For teamfights and lategame you would want at least an Alpha wolf in you army because 30% increase in damage is huge.
The orge magi is also very good if you dont have a Lich on your team because he has a similar buff, cast it on your whole team and be happy with team-fights.


Chen takes some time to get used to if you are an RTS player and familiar with micro you will have some easier time getting used to the micro.

Overall Chen is a really good hero and can be picked in almost every situation.
Unless you have a hero that needs the jungle or you don't have a hero that can solo a lane. then dont pick him.

If you want people to say "OMG I LOVE YOU" then pick chen and save some people with Holy Persuasion.

Thanks for the pro players/casters where I learned this all from by watching and playing chen a lot!

Constructive Criticism welcome!
if I missed something let me know.

Also don't know how to add the items links in the guides so let me know :D
Images will be added too


LazyPanda *===

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