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Late-game TimberGank

December 17, 2012 by soulrider95
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Late game bruiser

DotA2 Hero: Timbersaw

Hero Skills

Whirling Death

3 9 12 14

Timber Chain

1 8 10 13

Reactive Armor

2 4 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Late-game TimberGank

December 17, 2012


This is my first guide to any hero in DotA 2. I find Timbersaw to not be the most effective hero, but a damn fun one to play. I don't build him very normally, and like to focus on spamming his abilities for damage, and a side-course in tanky-ness. His reactive armor allows you to survive long engagements almost indefinitely due to the armor and hp regen boost.

Explanation of item choices

I found bloodstone to be somewhat effective on Timbersaw (keep in mind this is my first guide and I have only played him a couple times) Since you should be ganking often, the bloodstone and urn will gain charges VERY quickly. I don't find any extra damage useful, since most of his damage comes from his abilites. During early game, he has a very small mana pool with low regen, so a bloodstone gives him that mana pool and regen to constantly be throwing out his R and Q. Typically, buy the urn first and then the perseverance to build into the bloodstone. The perseverance is wonderful for that extra mana regen early. Then a energy booster, or point booster.

Skills and their uses

Whirling Death - This ability is best when used near trees. The pure damage shreds anyone, and the stat debuff is usefull against squishy heroes, and during early laning. Since it is an instant ability, you can cast it without canceling movement, making timbersaw decent at chasing.

Timber Chain - A wonderful (not so much earlier due to limited range) chasing tool and escape. Keep in mind it destroys the tree you hook to, so dont expect a free Whirling Death at the end if in a sparse area.

Reactive Armor - This passive right here, is what makes Timbersaw so tanky. Getting hit in combat? Free armor and regen! This right here is why I dont build health/regen/armor on Timbersaw.

Chakram - Its pretty good. Needs lots of mana to keep using. (hence the bloodstone) Does really good damage on throw and return, and has a short CD, so I would throw it out whenever you can and return it as soon as it stops. Unless you have someone who can lock down enemy heroes in a small area (see Dark Seer, etc.) the tick damage is ineffective for how much mana it uses.

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