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May 29, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Easy lane build

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Arcane Orb

10 13 14 15

Astral Imprisonment

2 3 5 7

Essence Flux

4 8 9 12

Sanity's Eclipse

6 11 16


1 17 18

Introduction Pros&Cons

Outworld devourer is an intelligence hero, unlike most of intelligence heroes who are utility heroes or support heroes outworld destroyer is a #1&#2 with great ulti.

High last hit damage
Excellent mid laning potential
Great aoe ulti
Very good starting armor for intelligence hero
Decent Movement speed

Very Squishy
Can be countered by BKB or silence
cant orb walk early

Best allies

Heroes who set up for Destroyer's ultimate or who have followup ultimates to finish off the enemies.If you are going to easy lane supports are great too.
Tidehunter,Rooftrellen,Clockwerk,Earthshaker,Brewmaster,Shadow Fiend
Special mention #1 to DarkSeer with his vaccum he can make your ultimate prefect,he can speed you up to chase whats left and with his wall your enemies are gonna suffer even more.
Special mention #2 Magnus great setup too,he can buff your damage a bit and drag some enemy heroes to you.

Worst enemies

Heroes who can silence you or gank you early on.
Lion,Lina,Puck,Drow Ranger,Death Prophet,Rikimaru,Bounty Hunter,Doom

Special mention #1 Silencer with his ulti or last word he can make you suffer a lot if you dont have a BKB.Did I mention your ulti is almost useless against him ?And everytime you die to silencer your damage is reduced and your ulti.
Special mention #2 Nyx Assassin this bug is made to melt intelligence heroes and keeps doing so as their main attribute grows,while you built intelligence to deal more damage with arcane orb this hero's mana burn damage gets stronger.He can pretty much solo kill you (if you dont have a BKB or you arent too tanky) in the whole game.Also he can use spiked carapace to damage you with your ulti.
Special mention #3 Pugna although pugna is paperwork to you by right clicking him his ward can put you in a lot of trouble even after he is dead.He can make you ethereal and you will die to casters after if you dont use astral imprisoment on yourself, Euls or BKB.Plus he has highest intelligence in the game (+4 per level) so your ulti wont hurt him at all.

Early game/Laning Phase

Go to middle lane.
Normally you should be able to outlane your opponent by using Astral imprisoment after level 2-3 (while he is imprisoned deny all the creeps you can and last hit).If your enemy middle laner is intelligence you should rape him (because by using astral imprisoment you boost your damage and lower his damage so normally you outfarm him and you deny as many as possible).Since you have the edge on lane and farm avoid getting early game items (such as nulls) and aim for bigger ones.
Note:At this point you have 90% chance to own your enemy (not killing him though) if you dont get ganked or if he doesnt find a rune so wards are your best support when you are mid.

If you go to the easy lane things will be a bit harder to you.
Mostly because OD is made for outlaning a single target and versus 2 enemies he doesnt excel.Still you have to get as many last hits as possible,normally you wont have a hard time getting them (if you do use a couple of astral imprisoments in your enemies and things will become easier for you) but you can still die in easy lane.Since you are a level dependent hero tell your support to pull as much as possible and when you run out of healing ask him to heal you or ask for a tango.

This phase ends when you destroy the tower of your lane or when you get your force staff and treads (+1 item if you are doing too good)

Mid game

This is the most hard phase of the game for outworld devourer.At this point you can start killing but you are a candidate for death too.You should focus on getting your BKB (after you have enough damage).
Note:Normally you should rush Black king bar but if you dont have enough damage to kill you will waste its charges early on and later on it will have lesser impact.So try surviving with just force staff.
After you finished maxing astral imprisonment,got at least 3 levels in aura and you have got decent intelligence pick your arcane orb.
(normally most orb walkers pick it in level 1 so they can harass and avoid creep/tower agro but on OD its useless since it has very high manacost and its damage decreases as you use it without aura)
After your arcane orb is maxed you will start to hit pretty hard like +150-+200.
Consider getting roshan with your team and pick aegis.
Then ward the enemy jungle and the runespots.

This phase ends at 30 minute mark.Or when you start to complete your core items.

Late game

At this point of the game you should be able to dominate.After you picked sheepstick and BKB try to force the teamfight.Smoke with your allies (or just simply gather) and move towards enemy jungle.
Note:When Smoked let someone else move first because you dont need to man up versus your enemies you just need someone to stay in front and tank while you do the damage.
Normally you should be able to find an enemy there and kill him.If you find a team try to use your ulti on as many targets as possible.Force yourself out if an enemy carry focuses on you or man up if your team is melting him.

Note:If enemy team loves split pushing consider replacing your PT with Boots of Travel.
Go to roshan again.Pick the aegis and force the teamfight or just catch them one by one.
In teamfights use your astral imprisonment to stop channeling spells,to hide the enemy carry,to stop the initator and generally to outnumber the enemies (combined with hex) and win the tf.
Note:Also astral imprisonment can be used 3-4 times before you use Eclipse so you will deal even more damage ,but most of times you dont have the luxury to cast your AI so many times before the teamfight.
After winning the teamfight push to win the game.

Explaining further the item choices

Early game:
Force Staff:An item that will give you an edge to the chase whether you are the hunter or the prey.Its crucial to get force staff early to get yourself out as many troubles as possible.You profit from the regen on laning phase and from damage after you get your orb.

Power Treads:Most common carry boots,early on you will have treads strength for more hp and later on you will switch it to intelligence for more damage


Mekansm:Although it almost doesnt boost your attack damage many people in high skill games get an early meka for the hp regen and for not being useless in early teamfights.

Drums:Although its not the best way to spend your money,it gives you decent survivability by offering HP and mobility,also it offers you a slight intelligence boost.

Euls Scepter: A very nice item to avoid damage over time skills or skills with delay to hit you.You get decent intelligence boost but the regen on this item is wasted on OD because you regen mana by your aura not due to normal regen.Movement speed is always welcome though

Mid game:

Black King Bar:Carry's best friend versus magic,you will need it to debuff/avoid the annoying silences or nukes .I suggest you dont get bkb before you carry a mystic staff and a force staff.Because if you get bkb without enough intelligence/damage its pointless to use it in fights.You will just live on and after BKB wears off you will die.So you need to provide yourself sufficient damage first and then be ready to man up versus spells.

Shivas guard:Although scythe of vyse is better due to being the item giving the most intelligence shivas is great too when you are facing a right click carry.Mostly due to -30 AS to enemies and to its slow 40% when used (Artic blast) ,dont forget the 15 armor offered as well.

Scyhe of Vyse:Best item of dota,in your hero its even better because its damage item combined with your orb.Also you are able to solo kill a target in 3 seconds while he is hexed.Need I say more ?Get it when you have the money for it.


Blade mail:Provided that you are tanky enough (because blade mail works with effective hp dealing physical damage back) you should consider getting blade mail versus a hero that melts you down.It works great with shivas guard but you should get it rarely unless you have no other choice of avoiding damage.

Heaven's Halbred:I call this item butterfly of the poor due to offering good evasion for less money than fly.Consider getting it versus an enemy hard right clicker as a 2nd choice compared to hex and if you cant get away just by using force staff.You profit from the strength but it gives you no damage at all so consider it ultra situational item.

Orchid Malevolance:Old Orchid Malevolance (3 oblivion staff) was way better (and core item) on OD even though it costed more money and was on core items.However new orchid malevolance has reduced offerings.You dont really need the mana regen from orchid,AS and intelligence gain are very good.
But you should get it frequently without second thoughs when you have an enemy that needs to be silenced and be taken down fast.

:If an invis hero is giving you trouble consider necrobook as an alternative of a gem.Normally you should avoid getting it,it gives little stats for its price and it can be picked by one of your allies.

Aghanims Scepter: Although aghanims improves your ultimate and gives you decent stats you shouldnt get it in most cases.Because with aghanims you confuse your role,you arent a utility hero that fights on the cooldown of his ultimate you are a damage dealer on hit.
Consider getting aghanims when you are facing 2 or 3 very hard carries like Void/PA/Lancer and you need to end the game fast (probably mid game) because later on they will outdamage you later on.

Veil of Discord:It works great with aghanims scepter your ultimate and your hits.Although veil combines with almost all of your skills you should avoid getting it because its very expensive and it offers you little damage on your hit.Ask a support to get it instead.

Rod of Atos:A very nice item choice for OD.It pretty much gives you what you need,damage and survivability.However it costs 3.1k which is too much money and should be saved for core items.
I suggest you skip this item and go for hex/bkb instead.Pick it only when you cant get 1 of the mystic staff items or if you have it very early.

Bloodstone:Bloodstone only boosts your hit and your hp and its quite expensive,you had better focusing on getting intelligence items which boost your ultimate too.

Ethereal blade:It will offer you some attack some speed and the ability to cast ethereal blast on someone who you dont want to hit.But at the same time it will make you unable to hit too .If you ulti an ethereal unit after ulti is level 3 he will prolly die (if he has less int than you).But 4900 can be spent elsewhere.

Linkens Sphere:Some stats are always welcome as well as a targeted ability block.Consider getting it versus supreme spells.

Butterfly:You hit very hard but very slow too ?Then this is the item for you.Since you hit very hard 6000 will be easily farmed by you.

Eye of Skadi:Most luxury item in the game.Since you are squishy all stats and hp are welcome on you.But you dont profit from the slow ability with your hit so generally not the best choice.It boosts your attack great too .

Heart of Tarasque and Assault Cuirass should be picked if you are paperwork to enemy heroes.
If you die to nukes get HOT.If you die to hits (physical damage) get Assault Cuirass if you already have shivas.

Refresher Orb:It works miracles with your ultimate especially if you get scepter.But your hit doesnt really profit from the gain of RO.

Blink Dagger
:If you see enemies spliting up when you approach them that probably means you are hitting a good ultimate anytime soon.So get a blink dagger and blink in and use your ulti.But remember this is ULTRA SITUATIONAL and if 2150 gold are 3-4 minutes farm for you.

Manta style:Great carry item for pushing.It gives some stats and the illusions.I pick manta as 6th item for the debuff/projectile evasion.

Note:You can try just for the ulti built you will deal tons of damage in 3 seconds,but if you fail you will die.Also while you are making those items you will probably have a hard time and lose the game.

OD players

Outworld Devourer is rarely picked in dota 2.So you wont have to choose from many replays.
It was even rarely picked in dota 1.
I ve only seen Yamateh playing OD versus MYM in some very old version of dota.
Reason people avoid getting OD is because he is very squishy and can be countered by BKB.
IN competitive usually 6/10 players get BKB so thats why we dont see much OD.

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