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Last Hitting is easier when you cant be attacked(my first guide)

September 4, 2012 by SuperNova
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Make your enemies confused as they lane against an enemy that isnt there.

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Hero Skills

Insatiable Hunger

3 6 10 14

Spin Web

1 4 9 13

Silken Bola

1 4 9 13

Spawn Spiderlings

7 11 16


15 17 18

Last Hitting is easier when you cant be attacked(my first guide)

September 4, 2012


Hello Everyone!
I am Nova and this is my very first guide on dotafire, please give constructive criticism and no pointless hating. I have played brood mother quite a few times with this build and all but one of those were a success, I am not a pro player but I do have experience playing the game. This guide is mainly focused on being very neutral and remaining invisible unless u are last hitting. Last hitting is very important in this guide as the items are going to take a lot of money. Lane presence is also very important, you should not leave the lane and you should always stay in creep exp range. please read and enjoy or give useful criticism so on my next guide i can help you guys out more.


Broodmother is a hero similar to riki and bounty hunter in that she stays invisible for very long periods of time while gaining bonuses. she can farm exp and last hit from nowhere thanks to her webs and the hp regen from them helps you recover without leaving the lane. spawn spiderlings also means that with proper timing of the ability she can turn enemy pushes to her advantage by spawning waves of spiders to attack towers or scare heroes off the lane. her ultimate gives her very large lifesteal and a big damage boost so gank attempts shouldn't be made until you skill it. her bite when fully skilled gives a big slow and even a miss chance debuff to affected units making her good in 1vs1's. in a big teamfight she will go down pretty quickly but webs can be used to wait until an enemy hero is weakened then she can eat them. Overall she is a pretty good chaser and against isolated herores without escapes she can get guaranteed kills with her ultimate and bite ability's.

Pros / Cons


    -safe from harrasment because of webs
    - excellent slow orb ability
    -can spawn large waves of spiderlings that spawn more spiders if an attacked unti dies
    -ultimate give tremendous lifesteal and damage buff
    quite squishy outside of webs
    -starting attack speed isnt that great
    -low mana pool
    - spiderlings give bounty and enemy heroes can easily kill them
    -if the enemy team obtains a gem of true sight she loses her invisibility advantage


Slippers should be grabbed for the damage and attack speed boost as last hitting is going to be crucial for the next stages, slippers can be built into your shield for later. Ring of Aquila is priority for the mana regen and armor and Basilius and Band of Elvenskin should be obtained for building into your other items later. They both give you some extra damage for last hitting and if against aggressive players throwing a few hits at them to ward them off your creeps. As soon as mid game hits you will want to build your Basilius into Vlads for the armor,damage and life-steal.This is important as Vlads is the only orb effect that stacks with your bite. The boots give you some needed move-speed and attack speed, this stacks with your web so you will be able to move around very quickly. S/color] The Alacrity should be obtained for your sange. Your core items allow you to use spiderlings more often, deal respectable dps and recover lost health with lifesteal if you are away from your webs. When you hit late game sange should be built into Manta as this means that you can attack out of nowhere use manta and hunger and tear apart enemy heroes and enemy whilst surviving due your lifesteal. Orchid is a good idea if their is a potent disabler hanging around your webs such as slardar and you need to make sure you dont get flattened. Luxury items are mainly there if you are ganking alot and have a ton of cash, they will increase your dps alot so they are worth grabbing. Your soul ring alllows you to spam spawn spiderlings early on if you need to force an agrresive player off-lane and like all carrys Black King Bar is a must have if she is going to scale well into late-game


Web should always be taken first as it allows you to stay in the lane and farm exp or last hits without any worry of harrassment. If you are laning against a 'Target Point' ability hero like lina, there is the risk of being attacked by their spells but early game they probably wont waste their mana doing that. Web and bite should be lvled first then take spiderlings and even one level of spiderlings can create a large wave of them due to spiderites. web means that enemies will have a hard time running away from you and hitting you. A soon as you skill hunger you will be ready to take kills for yourself, use your webs to manourver yourself into a good position before attacking your shield will ensure that you dont die as easily and the armor bonuses also help with this. If everything goes wrong then you can flee to your web for the extra hp regen which stacks with your vladamirs.

Teamwork( dont see much in matches i play lol)

Broodmother doesnt have any ranged slows or aoe's for use in teamfights but she can be the perfect assasinator, as long as you have more than one web the enemy wont know where you might be so while your team engage them you can strike out of nowhere and kill a support or particularly nasty carry that is endangering your team. If u are dual laning then last hitting is still your biggest priority, if the team carry is with you then ask them to move. use spawn spiders for lasthitting fleeding heroes so you can still get your farm. Broodmother is best in solo mid as she can take runes by laying a path of webs and ranged heroes wont be able to harass you very well when they are firing uphill. Broodmother can also benfit from the side lanes due to the side shops having some items so you wont always have to wait for the courier to come with your precious soul ring when you really needed that one last spawn spiders for that fleeing guy.

Hee HEE! That coward Necrolyte should have known better than to step in my web!

this is my first guide

As i said this is my first guide so please leave some USEFUL criticism in the comments as pointless hating wont help anyone, i understand that other people prefer other builds and i have used this one quite a few times and it worked a treat so please give it a chance and thank you for reading!(my god this took a long time to write)

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