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Lane Enchantress is underrated

October 23, 2012 by Hollyns
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babysitter enchantress

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills

Forest Freebie (Innate)


1 3 5 7


10 12 13 14

Nature's Attendants

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Lane Enchantress is underrated

October 23, 2012


Hello, i'm Hollyns and this is my first guide ever, to one of my favorite heroes, Enchantress, this guide is gonna cover up some of the most popular builds, along with some builds of my own and some playstyles as well.

Enchantress is kinda underrated in lane, but even so is insanely good in it, a very offensive hero, a formidable jungler, and above all, can pwn with just a few items, she's also very versatile and can be built as a support/semi-carry/utility and so on.

About her skills

her passive skill, which slows all incoming attacks(and spell animations when one is targeted at you), this along with Nature's Attendant will be your tools to infinite lane harrassment on early game.

this allows you to charm creeps for 60 seconds, and which also is a 5.5 second slow, which is lovely for ganks and for fleeing as well, use it to score some kills early-game and get your carry fed.

Her third skill, it's an AoE-ish heal which like sunstrike, is more effective the less units there are around you, and less effective the more units are around you, use it with Untouchable to keep your lane harassment up without consequences.

There's your ult, it deals more damage the farther your projectile travels, it's really nice to get early kills (and for killstealing too :D, but don't do that as you can easily be outcarried by real carries like Void, Drow or Chaos Knight)also synergises well with Force Staff.

Item Justifications and play style (Build 1)

Starting items and laning playstyle
that's what i normally get, 3 Branches so i have a Magic Wand later on, a Ring of Protection, for a fast Basilius, and 2 clarities, which can be swapped for a Tango or a Salve if you expect to be heavily harassed, you'll normally stay between the creeps and the enemy heroes, auto-attacking them driving them away from the last hits, which will also make them lose exp, if you get them to be far enough from the creeps.

PS: Note that your lane may start advancing towards the tower if you don't position yourself properly, as you will be drawing creep aggro, also, always remember to deny your creeps when your heal is on cooldown and you can't be a douche to the heroes you're against on your lane

Early game and playstyle
An early ring of Basilius will keep your mana going to spam your heal and drive everything away from your lane(your carry will get a lot of free farm) after that you can get your urn and brown boots and try to start ganking, if you get a kill or two you'll be about lv 7~10 and have your boots finished(or your drum/force/aghs starting and finishing boots later)

Mid game and stuff
In mid game you're the deadliest, as you will be doing lots of damage, with level 2(or 3) Impetus, while the enemy team probably won't be tanky enough to hold you down,
you should be jungling or ganking to keep wards up while you finish your core items,
if needed you can also tank Roshan for your teammates.

Mid-Late game
At this point your usefulness will be falling of quite a bit, that's why you should start(or finish)your aghs/ginsoo/shiva's and also note you can always get an orchid, the percent bonus damage and the silence will always be useful so keep that in mind, you should keep ganking stray heroes though, as you do have a 5.5 seconds 50% slow, and you can always 1v1(maybe 1v2?) some squishy heroes, or even more the enemy carry if you have the luck of finding him farming jungle alone, he should deal lots of damage, but he WILL attack slow as heck though, just pop your heal and keep auto-attacking, if the enemy's carry is ranged it won't be much of a problem to keep your damage going, but if it's melee and/or have a bash(or something to stop you in place) be careful or you'll just feed him gold

Late game and we're done
if you did well enough in the rest of the game you should have at least 2 or 3 of the dream build listed in the purchase order section, in this part of the game there isn't much you can do, since the enemy team will be grouped up you won't be able to gank an isolated hero, so you should just group up with your team as well, and keep the damage going, and use your shiva's/ginsoo/orchid or wathever you bought to have the advantage in the teamfight, another option is buy MoM to just deal insane amounts of damage and kill everything, but it's a gamble, since you'll take 30% more damage from any source, zeus' combo or any hero dependent on spells should burst you down quickly so watch out


Thanks for reading my guide(or just looking at items and being like "oh, sure") if you have some suggestions/questions/free pizza or whatever your mind may be thinking go ahead and leave a comment below.

PS: i'll be adding some pics and stuff like that when i'm feeling like it (when i stop being lazy and take prints of my matches) so yeah, that's pretty much it, again, thanks for reading and have fun playing

also, dirrwen's guide to enchantress looks so nice i kinda copied him, sorry for that :P

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