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Lance Farmstrong

December 20, 2012 by Numeta
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Sir Lancelot

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

Purchase Order


Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Ring of Protection

Ferry SR recipe,

Soul Ring
Tranquil Boots
Magic Wand

If you're very ahead (12min max latest )

Hand of Midas

If you're ahead, with or w/o midas


If you're behind

Vitality Booster
Diffusal Blade

After radiance

Ethereal Blade

After diffusal

Manta Style

After Ethblade or Manta (Dis tranq for Vlads/treads/BoT)

Vladmir's Offering
Power Treads
Boots of Travel

After vlads (Radiance Ethblade)

Eye of Skadi

After Vlads (Diffusal/Manta)

Heart of Tarrasque

Preference late game

Assault Cuirass
Abyssal Blade

Hero Skills

Spirit Lance

1 3 5 7


2 12 13 15

Phantom Rush

9 10 14 17


6 11 16


4 8

Lance Farmstrong

December 20, 2012


Make sure that you're either building Radiance, or Diffusal and never both. When you purchase one of the two it completely alters your future build order.

Before 6.75 Eth blade combo'ing with Lance was nuts combined with radiance burn. But now that he got 4.2 agil buff..... it's even godlier.


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