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Lanaya, The Templar Assasin

August 1, 2012 by Detritus
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DotA2 Hero: Templar Assassin

Purchase Order

My Normal

Hero Skills


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Lanaya, The Templar Assasin

August 1, 2012

Purchase Order

I have chosen this purchas order because this is what works for me. I buy all of the power treads and magic wand @ once, because I spend the first while of the game just straight farming, until around level six, where I will have amassed quite a decent amount of gold. The hight gold is because of levelling quite a lot of Psi Blades early, as this allows you to get maximum farm. The Desolator and the Blink Dagger are inter-changable. My friends always yell at me for not using a Blink Dagger once I get it, (it's a failing of mine), so that is why the Desolator and BD are interchangable. The Butterfly is part of the Situational Items, so it can be swapped out for whichever one of these is actually needed.

Skill Levelling

In this build, I level Psi Blades very early, getting it high before Refraction or Meld. This is because, for me, early in the game it is mostly about getting lots of farm and levelling quickly. It's a good idea to play mid as Lanaya, because otherwise she remains relatively weak because it is more difficult for her to farm. However, if someone else needs the extra XP/Gold because they are more of a late-game carry, let them take mid, as you don't truly need all of the extra farm (Lanaya levels quite quicly anyway). This gets me up to a decent carrying level quite quickly, and then I can level my other stats to get kills. I get Refraction at level 2 for easy tower pushing, as I ave found that if you kill as many of the enemy creeps in front of you (made easier with lots of Psi Blades) and you go in with a large amount of friendly creeps to push the tower, the tower will target the creeps, and not you. This allows you to activate your refraction, (which adds damage and makes you invulnerable for a few instances) and do a load of damage to the tower. The second attribute of Refraction is useful, because when all your creeps are gone (quite quickly) the tower will target you, and you have a good amount of time to get out without losing health. (Blink Dagger is quite useful in this scenario.)

I primarily use Meld as an aggressive skill, mid combat, to get additional damage and quite often finish a hero off. Do NOT use this on creeps unless you have upgraded it lots, and it has a low cooldown and you also have lots of Mana. (It doesn't cost the world, but there's no need to waste it if there's a better use just around the corner.) Meld can be used to hide from death, (Invisi for as long as you like) and the Blink Dagger can be used to your advantage from this situation, as you can blink out of a meld to safety. (Very useful when a team-fight goes badly wrong)
My preferred use of the meld is, as I said before, as an aggressive skill. Upon breaking a meld, Templar Assassin gets a large bonus to her damage, and this can be used to get kills on squishy heroes, as she attacks quite rapidly normally, and melding mid combat can easily finish them off. This can also be done on heroes that have more health, whether from being a tank or just having levelled a lot, but the timing is more important with these. Only use it when you will get a kill as a result (either directly, or by quickly following it up with a normal attack.) or to initiate. It is very useful for these things.


Well, thanks for reading my first guide, there weren't very many in this section, so I thought I might try my hand at one. I am very new to this forum, so this is my first guide. Any feedback is welcomed!
P.S. Sorry for wall of text, I got carried away :D

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