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July 15, 2014 by JAE_
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Torrent Build = Rape

DotA2 Hero: Kunkka

Hero Skills


1 4 5 7


8 9 10 12

X Marks the Spot

2 3


6 11 16


13 14 15 17 18


I know what you're thinking. OMG TORRENT BUILD SO NOOB, tidebringer>torrent. WELL ITS ****IN NOT. torrent build is strong as FUUUCK, and if you havent tried it than pls uninstall. BTW DO NOT LEVEL X MORE THAN 2 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if you are lvl 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PROS- A **** ton of magic damage early game
- pro as ****
- Ganks will be much easier
- longer slow
- the damage scales out as you level tide bringer earlymid game
- can recharge bottle easy
CONS- Kunkka is reliant on mana
- if you dont have a bottle, and you havent listened to this build than you're pretty much ****ed
- possibly less C/S
- not much harass in lane

How to use this build effectively early game

We can easily make up for Kunkka's weaknesses with some items and some good *** mothertruckin plays.

If you have gotten a bracer or a wand, than your have just about enough of mana to land your combo, and if you have a TP like a **********in pro, than you can recharge your bottle at anytime you want. HERES HOW TO DO IT
step 1: x yourself
step 2: AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, after you X'd you need to tp back to base
step 3: spam bottle on your teammates and yourself
step 4: make your teammates ****s' ROCK HARD.
Ok now that you have recharged your mana, how will you gank???
Step 1: make sure you are level 6 and have at least 350 mana.
step 2: make sure you have follow up (if you dont have follow up (another stun) than this might not work if you dont know how to land this properly)
step 3: X the enemy (AT MAX RANGE)
step 4: torrent where the X is right away
step 5: OK here is where it gets tricky, you need to step back about 100 units away from the enemy and cast BOAT, because the boat range is a little bigger than the X range, so the AOE might not hit them (because they can simply walk away).
step 6: HIT and KILL


Even if you do decide to play a carry, you NEED to be the one landing off your skills and initiating. kunkka has strong aoe so make sure you be in the BACK of team fights!!!
Kunkka has ****ty armor, so you dont wanna be taking all the damage. before you start right clicking, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE land the ****ing torrent boat combo, and then you can right click. BUT if its late game and youre a ****ing pro and have daed shadow blade and rapier, go ahead and one hit the whole team, you deserved it!

JAE aka 951INC
search me up on dotabuff and watch one of my kunkka games, you'll see how rape they are

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