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KOTOL 7.00 Master Kiter Disabler

January 15, 2017 by Thudedous
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KOTOL 7.00 Master Kiter Disabler

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


8 11 13 14

Blinding Light

1 4 5 7

Chakra Magic

2 3 9 10

Spirit Form

6 12 18


15 16

Hero Talents

+180 Illuminate Damage
+1.2s Blinding Light Stun
Chakra Magic Dispels
+15s Spirit Form Duration
+2 Solal Bind Charges
-3s Chakra Magic Cooldown
-2s Illuminate Cooldown
+30% Blinding Light Miss

KOTOL 7.00 Master Kiter Disabler

January 15, 2017

Why Kotol?

The main pros is Mana Leak cast Range 1220 which is as high as dagger range. With good vision or daytime with Aghs you can kite enemy team weaking before teamfight allowing allies to go easy go in.

Kotol is all about those things- which are improved with cooldown reduction from Chakra allows to
-clear waves harder with Q or even heal with day and Aghs
-Leak/stun harder single enemy (even 6 seconds stun) or cast on 2 enemies
-blind more, or kite more, or leak more from Leaked enemy by pushing him
-teleport more xd

Each seperately work good. Chakra will work very good with about 8 sec cd spells on other heroes. Slardar stun on 2 sec cd seems the most op. Zeus, QoP etc

Avoid fights, leak as much mana as you can.

Choosing Abilities, Talents and items

Q may be maxed for some duo/solo lanes or jungle but mana leak is just better option. Although you can max q even on 5 level if you feel you need it to farm. Avoid fights, leak as much mana as you can.
On level 3 you must have lvl2 Chakra, level 1 is useless.
Ulitamate is key to win figts in early. Also helps initiate and group up but you can pass it(if you really want) for some levels if you solo farm or have easy time on lane - and the game is going peaceful.

Maxing lacking spell is better than +20 MS and Strengh bonus is a bit of hp but i do never use it.
Bonus experience is generally better as you need your 25 lvl fast and in late all come to buyback, not -25 seconds of respawn.
Armor or MR - what kills you more often in game?
Geberally cast range is better, especially if you sell Aether in late, but for if team has trouble with pushing and you execute dayattacks well - so you can heal allies it also works very good.

Manaboots - do not give extra HP regen or speed but much mana to you and allies and even more if you drop then before Chakra. Also you transfer them to Aether
Aether Lens - Allows you to cast Mana Leak from very safe distance, also Blinding Light. Especially while using your Initioation Maneuvre - check first tip. In late may be replaced if you take +300 range Talent
Aghanim's Scepter - permament spirit form is worth even vs Nightstalker. Casting Q and Blinding Light, Recall is situational. Check timer awaiting day and persuade team to attack in daytime, especially while losing. Key Item.
Force staff and Blink dagger - you know difference but for kotol: you can push Mana Leaked enemy to drain even more mana and helps you save allies what is key to this kite build. Hurrican Pike works good but depends on situation becuase you may need more:
-Linken: vs Venge, Legion, Lina etc
-Glimmer: vs enemy nukers and if your team lacks invisible heroes or enemy does not buy dust/sentry
-Octarine Core: for cooldown reduction=more stun, more disable more Q spam, more cd reduction by Chakra. Also grants sustain but is veeery expensive
-Boots of Travel to split push and also to be quicker(if enemy lacks disable may be better than force staff)
Gem + Day + Aghs = Mr Ward
Mekansm - not in this build, you'r disabler not my mother. If you skip Aether though you can buy Graves after Agh's

Rest depending on situation, does not fit kotol.


In early you rely on trilane or at least ally's nuke. Without you'r gonna have disadventage, dont spam Leak or Q. Cast Leak before Mirana launches arrow, pudge hooks etc. Leak enemies when they come to close to tower/minions then Q (when you up it) unless you know some1can attack you - then get back.

The biggest danger is enemy all in assault squad - if you don't have allies who can save you or you cannot avoid pudge's hooks. You can stay far from enemy nukers thanks to aether excluding Tinker's rockets, Venge's ult(linken needed just like for legion) and AA ult. For those nukers you need glimmer but speaking of assault squads you need to stay behind team and support them from back in fight or help run away from enemy bkbs.

General Tips

Initation Maneuvre -Cast Chakra on sel. Cast Leak on en staysemy, if he stays, get closer and pull him with Blinging Light towards your allies, run away and recast Leak on enemy.

Q and Blinding Light give vision for a short period - use situationally to deward f.e.

To clear enemy minion wave faster, start channel before you see it - locate enemy wave by
looking or your creeps location.

Match-up on lane with a carry with a nuke like PL, WK, CK etc.

With your Core items you are the safest person to carry gem.

You can cast second Mana Leak on hero stunned by previous one.

Be wise at recalling allies, if you don't have voice chat, ping him and Alt-click on Recall to show allies it's on cooldown.

That's it for now gl ^^

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