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Kneel To Me

September 6, 2016 by inoexeconnect
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Kneel Down To Underlord

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


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Pit of Malice

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Atrophy Aura

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Dark Rift

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Kneel To Me

September 6, 2016

I Said Kneel Down!

Hi All!
Today I Will Introducing My First Guide In DOTAFire
My First DOTAFire Guide Is Underlord Guide
As You Already Know
Underlord Is The Newest Hero In DOTA 2
Well... For Me This Hero Is A Little Bit Hard To Use At The Beginning But After You Played Him A Lot Of Time (Maybe About 10 - 15 Hours Playing Him) You Can Easily Master It.

Now... Let Me Explain Why I Recommended You To Using My Items And Skills Build.
1. First Of All I Will Explain About The Starting-Game Items. As You Can See, I Recommended You To Using "Tango" And "Orb Of Venom" At The Beginning. From What I Can Learn From My Experience, Underlord Has Good Damage At Level 1 (62 - 68 Damage). If You Combining Underlord Damage And "Orb Of Venom" You Can Easily Kill Enemy. For The First Skill, I Recommended You To Selected "Firestorm", This Skill Has Very Big Damage + This Skills Also Has Plus Damage From The Burn Damage Bonus. So If You Sneak Behind The Enemy And Give Him/Her Surprise Attack With "Firestorm" And Then You Attacking That Enemy, You Can Easily Kill Him/Her. That's All For The Beginning.

2. Now... We Can Move To The Early-Game Items. I Recommended You To Have All The Early-Game Items At Level 5 - 8 Because You Really Need This. Also You Don't Need To Spend Much Gold Because You Just Need To Add Phase Boots At The Early-Game Items. This Item Will Give You +24 Damage And +45 Movement Speed. Also This Item Will Give You Plus Speed If You Activing The Active's Skill Of Phase Boots. So, You Can Easily Chasing The Enemy More Easily. You Can Also Use "Phase Boots's" Active Skill To Escaping From The Enemy If You Have Low Health.

3. At The Mid-Game, You Need To Have All The Mid-Game Items At Level 10 - 15. You Need To Sell Your "Tango" (If You Still Have It" And "Orb Of Venom". You Still Need Phase Boots Of Course Because We Still Using Phase Boots Until The End Of Game. At This Time You Need To Buy "Moon Shard" To Gain +120 Attack Speed. You Already Know Underlord Has Big Damage But His Attack Speed Is A Little Bit Low, So If You Buy "Moon Shard" You Can Easily Farming And Killing Enemy. You Need To Buy "Headdress" (You Need It To Regaining Your Health). You Also Need To Buy "Shadow Blade". This Item Will Gain +22 Damage And +30 Attack Speed, Also "Shadow Blade's" Active Skill To Gain Invisibility (To Escape Or To Do Surprise Attack). If You Have All The Mid-Game Items That I Recommended, You Will Have +150 Attack Speed.

4. At The Late-Game, You Still Need "Phase Boots" And "Moon Shard". You Need To Upgrade Your "Headdress" To "Mekansm" To Gain +5 Armor And +5 All Attributes. You Can Also Use "Mekansm's" Active Skill To Restore 250 Health Instantly. You Also Need "Crystalys" To Gain +30 Damage And Also Chance To Gain Critical Hits. I Think This Critical Hit Will Always Active Everytime You Attacking Enemy When You Invisible. You Need To Upgrade Your "Shadow Blade" To "Silver Edge". That's All For Now. I Think You Know What Exactly I Mean Without I Need To Explain All Of The Detail To You.

5. Now We Move To The Last, The Luxury-Game Items. Some Teams Don't Need Until Luxury-Game To Win The Match. But If You Need This Luxury-Game Will Unlocked At Level 25 (If You're Very Experience Player, You Can Unlocked This With Just Level 15 - 20). I Called This Luxury-Game Items But Some *****es Player Called This "Rich-***** Items". By The Way, At This Luxury-Game, You Still Need "Phase Boots", "Moon Shard", And "Silver Edge". You Need To Upgrade Your "Mekansm" To "Guardian Greaves". You Need To Upgrade Your "Crystalys" To "Bloodthorn" To Increase Your Damage And Gain +30 Attack Speed, +25 Intelligence, And 150% Mana Regeneration.

The "Silver Edge" Also Can Disables Aura And Prevents Gaining New Stacks. Already Existing Stacks Still Provide Attack Damage.
I Hope You Guys Enjoy My Guide
Hope You Like It And If You Like It Please Add Comments And Votes.

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