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King of time.

February 2, 2018 by Spydirman
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

2 4 7 9

Time Dilation

11 13 14

Time Lock

1 3 5 8


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+140 Chronosphere AoE
+20% Backtrack
+70 Time Lock Damage
+120 Attack Speed in Chronosphere
-1.5s Time Walk Cooldown
+7% Time Dilation slow per Cooldown
+0.5s Time Walk Backtracked Time
+6 Time Dilation Damage Per Second

King of time.

February 2, 2018

Short guide

This is my first guide, this is my view on the game for what I think is one of the hardest carry in dota, Faceless void.

Do you know why he is the hardest carry? Because he is absolutely unstoppable. Bkb? Linkensphere? It's all useless against this monster who can stop the flow of time.

Also the battlefury, we play him like a better antimage, who is less squishy.
Let me explain.

They both have a great mobility/escape skills in blink and timewalk. Time walk has a shorter range(which increases later) and can also heal you. It's a mini weaver ultimate every 6 seconds.

Then he gets a passive bash with an amazing 25% chance which is pretty f****** strong.

So basically he can move around like antimage while jungling with a magical bash. Therefore battlefury is the most helpful, it gives regen and air damage.

Another reason for battlefury is when you have multiple enemies in your chorono, you don't have time to kill all of them, but the cleave damage along with the speed from the mask of madness is big damage on all those poor enemy heroes. The attackspeed also help with the bash chance.

Lets say there's an opposing antimage split pushing like crazy, with all his illusions, it's easy to lose hope of catching him, mostly because he does NOT like to manfight an equally slotted void. Therefore battlefury, the damage will help spot this annoying f*** while also destroying them. Then permanently bash him to death. Or just chorono him, that's a dead rat and a sets of racks you can take down.

The third most important item, is Manta style, it's important because ofcourse being a melee agi carry, and then because only voids illusions and units under his control may move around in chorono, a previledge not even your allies enjoy. This helps you now down the enies caught in your time dome.

Now for the last part, teammates, the best ones are those mid int carries like OD, invoker and tinker. They are to help carry your early game and then output their insane amounts of damage on the enemy team inside a chorono. OD especially, can keep eating their minds for a good 5.5 seconds and then proceed to get a multi-kill or rampage while the opponent says "gg, noob am'

About the items, moment can be broken down for satanic and butterfly, while silver edge to break annoying passives like pa, BB, spectre.

Eye of skadi is for when you want to get easy kills when chronograph is down getting slowed down and bashed to death through bkb is enought to make the enemy rage quit.

Early game, time dilation is useless. The bash is the most useful incase the offlaner is harrassing and tower diving you, and the time walk for obvious reasons..

Don't try to teamfight too early, instead reach level 6. The moment you get a mask of madness and chorono is off cooldown, it is time to hank those lonely enemies pushing lanes, like a sniper

Thank you for your time, if you don't agree, just look at it logically.

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