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Killer KOTL

May 18, 2014 by lingeringPOO
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DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills

Mana Magnifier (Innate)


2 4 6 8

Blinding Light

9 11 13 15

Chakra Magic

1 3 5 7

Spirit Form

10 14


12 16 17 18

Killer KOTL

May 18, 2014

Chapter Title

Howdy all! This is my guide to creating a deadly early game ganker as well as a great tower destroyer. Playing this build has gotten my KOTL feared and loathed by the option and laughed with as I destroy countless enemies that would otherwise destroy a normal KOTL.

This is my first guide so please bear with me.

This build is great for any lane, regardless of whether you are solo (mid or top preferably) or with a friend (preferably mana dependant as that offers a great advantage for them).


Start off items

I always get the courier. A. I like showing off the cool couriers I have and B. it lets other people save their gold for other endeavors.
The Ring of Regen is solely to start your Tranquil Boots and also provide a descent early game regen for the odd ranged harass.

If someone has already bought the courier or has said they will buy it, replace courier with Ring of Protection (for Tranquils)

Also, PICK CHAKRA MAGIC! I can't stress this enough! You are better off with Chakra Magic 99.99% of the time. You won't get enough blasts out of Illuminate at level 1 to kill them, then your mana is depleted and you need to then wait while you get your mana back up before you can Chakra Magic yourself to get more. It sucks. PICK CHARKA MAGIC!


Early to Mid Game! (otherwise known as why KOTL should be solo top or mid!)

KOTL is an amazing creep wiper. His Illuminate (once leveled) can destroy a creep wave and leave him to pick up the gold. If a hard carry is laning with you then he loses the chance to get a reasonable amount of gold once KOTL's Illuminate is level 3. (It's why when I'm going to pick KOTL, I ask for mid or a jungler)

Use your Illuminate, set off wave after wave of it! Burn your mana and burn their creeps to the ground. If you can time it right, you can start your Illuminate before you see the creep wave and have them walk right into it before the creeps even meet.

As you start to accumulate gold, which you should be getting very quickly... Buy Null Talisman and then Staff of Wizardry as you go. Turn that into a level 1 Dagon and your ganking days have just started. I place the Dagon into my favourite quick key so that I am ready to zap any enemy who doesn't watch his health or looks sideways at me.

With decent ward placement, you should be able to catch your enemies unprepared with a wave of Illuminate, then Dagon them to a charred corpse!


KOTL is no doubt an early game character. His abilities start to do less and less to the enemy as time goes on. That is not a problem if you have gotten a couple of kills out of the Illuminate + Dagon combo.

To keep up/ahead of everyone, build a Aghanim's Scepter. This makes you very useful for team fights as your Illuminate now heals your ally's! Because your Ulti is now on permanently, TP your ally's to you and let them start the team fight! Set yourself slightly behind them and cast Illuminate to heal and do damage simultaneously! Any enemies trying to escape can be Dagon'ed from a safe distance.

If the game drags on, try a Scythe of Vyse. Sheep there hardest DPS'er and watch them fall!

If you are the only person able to push, buy Boots of Travel and Shadow Blade. If you have enough slots available, don't sell your Tranquil Boots!!! While the movement speed doesn't stack, the heal effect and the teleport does! You can TP from place to place, shadow blade away, heal while you run.. and then TP again! It makes for a very cranky opposition who chase you from one side of the map to the other as you mess then around!


Thank you for reading through my guide! Hope you have enjoyed winning lots of games with the KEEPER OF THE LIGHT!

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