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Kick Ass and Take Names As The Xmas King

November 13, 2014 by spewnybard
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What's an aggressive support?

DotA2 Hero: Wraith King

Hero Skills

Wraithfire Blast

1 3 5 7

Vampiric Spirit

2 4 9 13

Mortal Strike

8 10 12 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Kick Ass and Take Names As The Xmas King

November 13, 2014

What you are doing in lane:

You are giving your carry plenty of room to farm up. Get yourself on your lane opponents and mess them up something bad. Be wary of ganks and don't forget to fall back and heal with your many tangos when you need to.
You want you opponents well back from EXP range. Push them back as far as you can without putting yourself out of help's reach. Be careful how far forward you put yourself if the opponents have stuns and make sure you have enough health to get back should you get caught out too far.
You will be wanting to make sure you know where people are on the mini-map. You don't want to become some middle player's easy first blood.
You can shift click on portraits at the top to call missing. If no one has called another lane as missing and you notice, give the team a heads-up!

If you are roaming, runes spawn at the even minute marks. (0:01, 2:01, etc.) Alert your mid to rune spawns if you have time (Shift click on the rune.) or pick them up if you think an opponent will take it and your mid is not within distance.

Handy Stuff:

Pick this support when you are dual laning a ranged carry.
If no one buys a courier, ditch some healing and buy one.


If you are taking bits of damage and wish to have more defense and health, upgrade your Stout Shield to a Vanguard. Begin with the Ring of Health and then complete.

If you are casting your stun spell a lot, purchase a Soul Ring. Both items may be purchased from the side shop in any order or at once. (If you Soul Ring before death, you should have enough mana for your ult or you can use it for an emergency stun when escaping as well.)

If you are roaming and ganking, grab a bottle for runes. (I only recommend this if you are having no problems staying alive.)

If you would like more stats, upgrade your Boots into Power Treads. (You should do this anyway eventually, but don't forget you can toggle between STR for health and INT for mana.)

You will require some mobility item. Force Staff or Blink Dagger would be your best choices. If you thiink you have the reaction time for Blink Dagger pick one up. If you don't think you do or prefer the extra INT and health regen, pick up the Force Staff.

If you're doing well in fights, Blade Mail will be handy.
If you are getting a lot of farm, go for a Maelstrom.

And don't forget: A good support makes sure the map is warded! (You can look up a placement guide easily or just put them on the eyes.)

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