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May 18, 2013 by keeperofthedagon
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DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 4 6 7

Blinding Light


Chakra Magic

2 3 5 8

Spirit Form

9 16


11 12 13 14 15 17 18

how to start

First of all go to the opposite side of the lane that you are going and put your wards in the rune spot area and then the opposite side to which you have placed and check for rune depending on what it is double damage haste or even invisible scout out there team and get an illuminate right off the bat then once you have you Chakra 2nd upgrade just keep continuously using it to farm.

what to buy first

The first thing you should definitely get first is your "tranquil boots" and "magic wand" at the definite but when it comes on to getting your "mechanism" or your "shadow blade" it really depends on what is happening in your lane if you are farming well and not being "Ganked" go straight for a "shadow blade" and if you are struggling to survive in lane get a "mechanism" before you get a "shadow blade". The "shadow blade" is key for farming. Next on your list is a "Dagon" it is your kill source in the game this is the turning point in the game for you suddenly the support is able to get kills you should get a level 5 "Dagon" and the finish up with a "pipe of insight" and if you have the cash get a "heart of Tarrasque" it's your choice in which order you get each one.

how to farm correctly

once you have your "shadow blade" find an empty or solo opposition lane and continue to spam out "illuminate" until you have your "dagon" and look for kills whilst your team is around and then just level it up and the game will go smoothly for you.

what's a problem to KOTL

Anyone with a stun is a bad idea to go against if you were to come up against these heroes like "nyx assassin" use wards to scout out when people are coming for you. if someone to get an "gem of true sight" stick with your team and get them to focus that hero and get the "gem of true sight" or destroy it your choice depending on if the other team has any invisible heroes.

dont blame me

if this guide does not work for tweak it to suit you i am not that experienced with DotA just that i came upon this when i was trying stuff out online. Overall have fun.

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