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Keeper of the Light, The support who doesn't complain about gold. (Complete) - Now with Hard Support SUPPORT

May 13, 2013 by PoNySoNg
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Hogmos1998 | August 9, 2013 6:25am
Great guide.I always wanted to try The Keeper of the Light after seeing him in the tutorial.
EC the pony | August 4, 2013 2:14pm
I used to hate KotL. Then I found this guide. It just works so well. Thank you! ^w^
Entenei (2) | May 29, 2013 8:02am
lovely guide, really want to get home to play with kotl now - also love the talk you put into the item choises
lukson987 (5) | May 16, 2013 3:10am
As a hard support you should always buy wards. starting from the start of the game. If noone bought a courier and you have to buy one, still buy wards. It's not so bad starting the game with consumables only ( sometimes you'll need to buy sentries too to deward at the start or to give it to hard-lane invis hero ( Bounty Hunter; Broodmother). also you can even buy arcane boots if nobody has any. A team mostly needs at least 1-2 arcane boots or you will find team running out of mana in middle teamfight and your mana boost cant help here.
PoNySoNg | March 12, 2013 9:14pm

Yes force staff and the other items of the stick family are amazingly useful on KoTL

I prefer going straight for Mek instead of Urn because it requires you to be in team fights for it to have heals which I get sometimes depending on the setup of my team. As KoTL is such an amazing farmer all support utility items are in his arsenal.

As for the boot thing it is just a preference really, I find all boots other than treads and arcane work well on KoTL
gol1ath (1) | March 12, 2013 7:32am
Pretty good guide. One thing I want to mention is that for my kotl, urn of shadows is a core item that I buy right after boots. This is an 800 gold item that gives you heals early game. Couple this with chakra magic, and you are now a mobile health and mana fountain for your team, with incredible pushing capabilities, usually less than 10 minutes into the game.

Other than that I agree with what a couple of other posters mentioned about just buying regular boots of speed and saving until Boots of travel.

Also, as mentioned, you want to get a mech usually and one or more of the following caster items: Force Staff, Euls, Rod of Atos, and Sheepstick
PoNySoNg | March 11, 2013 3:43pm

I usually buy a ring of regen at the side shop and that usually keeps me up until I need to back or go into the alternate boot build of tranquils if I really need it. At the time I made this build I didn't go tranquils as often as I do now but I'll probably update the guide to reflect this.


Wand at start is a lot better on KoTL early on then you think. Even if the enemies have a few spells to cast in lane they will cast them eventually since you are constantly harassing them they want to throw some things back. When they do you will use up all your mana leaving none for chakra magic. This is when Magic wand kicks in allowing you to give yourself mana.

Don't forget that magic wand is a great item nonetheless being a cheap effective healing item that provides early game stats with the 3 ironwood branches you buy. I just find it better than buying clarities, of course you can get wards and a clarity instead of the wand.
Wisdomseyes1 (8) | March 6, 2013 7:20pm
Ummm... all of these builds suggest a wand start 0.0 I feel that is a mistake

The only time you want a wand start is against someone like Batrider. If your opponents are nuking you early, they are waisting mana. Since in Short or long lane you have access to the sideshop, I feel it's a waist of money early on, personally.

ALSO, this guide suggests that KOTL shouldn't go mid because he will push the lane, but the suicide lane is great because he can... push the lane...

You will find the lane pushing problem no matter where KOTL goes, so laning him with someone who likes chakra is a much better idea. Positioning is key with KOTL, no matter where you go. Illuminate shouldn't be spammed on random creeps- it should be used on 2-3 enemy heros avoiding creeps when possible.
KingCobra (1) | March 4, 2013 10:36am
+1 nice guide :) It really annoys me when kotl players don't use their ult properly or steal all the farm in a lane and end up giving their carries free farm rather than making the enemy carries life a living hell.

My only concern is that I don't feel that 1 set of tangoes is enough regen if you are suicide laning
PoNySoNg | March 3, 2013 4:40am
Hello crubick let me answer your concerns one by one :)

What I meant by late game was essential items or core as you said it. I hope this clears things up. There are better items to get than force staff depending on the situation though I do love the item as well. I tend to go for a more offensive item like necronomicon or sheep stick while I let another player build the force staff. If the game demands it I will get a force staff after mek asap.

Here is the boots issue again, I agree that tranquil boots is cheaper and very effective on keeper of the light. However if you win your lane hard enough and can afford the expensive boots I tend to go for phase boots to give me enemies a auto attacking beating. This however does not work in higher tier games and I will almost always make tranquil boots into boots of travels later on in captains mode.

Heart and Blood stone both provide beneficial bonuses to Keeper's overall survivability, but an item with more utility could of been picked up. I do get them sometimes if an overall tanky Keeper of the light will be more helpful but very seldom do I do.

Concerning lanes, the term suicide lane is used because the enemy jungle is closer to that lane as to the opposite. ex: the radiant jungle is next to bottom and vice versa for dire. This makes it dangerous for heroes to venture deep into the lane as enemies can easily get the jump on them along with their jungler if they have one.

Keeper of the light can solve this problem by playing it safe and never extending into the lane except just close enough to shoot off an illuminate. Of course you will have to be careful where you aim it as hitting creeps will push it and destroy yourself. In the case of newer players which is what this guide is aimed towards you can play at a ridiculously carefree style and just spam illuminates down the lane mowing down creeps and them along with it.

To Biwinning1 I do not think Rubick stealing illuminate is that scary seeing as illuminate is a channeled ability that grows stronger as you channel it, sure Rubick will be able to push waves with ease but you can counter push back just as easily. And lacking your spirit form ability rubick won't be able to utilize the illuminate to its maximal potential and be stuck channeling it instead of using his other important abilities during a fight if he does decide to do so.
TWONGHT (7) | February 17, 2013 8:21pm
Thanks for the guide +1
Biwinning1 | February 17, 2013 1:13pm
Thank you for making this wonderful guide(I really liked all the jokes )
Someone I think you should add as a foe would be Rubick as he can steal illuminate and use it to dominate.Thanks for the guide +99999999999(infinity)
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