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Keep it Tinker

December 18, 2014 by VeViVi
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Keep It Tinker

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills

Mana Magnifier (Innate)


1 5 8 10

Blinding Light

4 9 11 12

Chakra Magic

2 3 6 7

Spirit Form



14 15 16 17 18

Keep it Tinker

December 18, 2014

Kotl pusher like tinker

This is just a fun build im playing only when there is another hard support, and team needs a little help with push.
The ide is simple... travel to lane + blink on trees + Illuminate creep waves + blink + illuminate + etc......
The vlads + shivas + necro is just to add some help for the pushing creeps in case of megas on enemy team.
The scepter is very important as u have low hp, the extra vision and a constantly ready to use Blinding Light in case enemy team tryes to get u.
Something important is looking always at ur blink CD befor illuminate, try to illuminate then blink so if enemys have a blink heroe he will not jump on u.

Its really fun and annoying, if u keep warding ur team will love u. Otherwise they will hate u ;)


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