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Kaolin = free mmr

August 24, 2015 by kaolin420
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lmao solo or feed

DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Stone Remnant (Innate)

Boulder Smash

1 3 7 8

Rolling Boulder

2 12 13 14

Geomagnetic Grip

4 5 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Kaolin = free mmr

August 24, 2015


okay so this nigga is ****ing overpowered even after being nerfed into the trashcan.

I'm not going to give you an in-depth tutorial on this **** because I don't have to. basically, if you can predict enemy movements and know when to hold and when to fold, pick this nigga. if you don't, buy a bloodstone irl and deny yourself kid rofl
ayy lmao X^d.

Ranked Play

This hero is exceptionally well in ranked, as he can stop even the most unintelligent peruvians from feeding.

Pros / Cons

free 1600 range blink every 4 seconds
free force staff
free force staff (again)
over 9000 dps aoe ulti
4 second silences
2.75 second stuns
80% slows
(almost) entirely item independant

good players can stop your blink by standing in front of you or slightly to the side of your face
dependant on remnants more than anything else
low base damage/stats in the early game
needs very active playstyle
needs predictional skills
silence hurts him hard
roll can be interrupted during the 0.6 second initiation phase


okay at lvl 1 go kick if you are certain in your ability to get a cliff on an enemy xd. if not, roll is usually better for first blood as it does more damage at level 1. if you are going offlane or vs a tough mid, you can get pull to deny a MELEE creep. (melee will pull the wave back even farther, but if you get the melee it may blow up in your face and they'll get a lot of tower dmg in or it'll push back from tower hitting their wave. ergo ranged might be the way to go but they can kill it if they care ayy lmao X^d.

there is much info about possible combos as earth spirit, but honestly, all you need to do is make a decision on your current situation. a common combo that is decent in 6.84~ is to kick, pull, and roll; doing so will stun them to ensure your roll connects, while simultaneously silencing the opponent. Yes, this will overlap your CC later on into the game, and that's why you shouldn't use it every single time. It is, however, a surefire way to initiate with only one remnant.

Now, an important note to make is this: your ultimate, Magnetize, will distribute your silence AND your slow to all enemies that are CURRENTLY affected by it. This means that using silence OR roll to initiate on a large group of enemies is sub-optimal. (roll can be used if you are lvl 13+ and can stun between rolls) for a team fight, the combo you'll want is pretty simple. blink, force, or roll in, (or walk if you can, but seriously don't be a tard ayy lmao X^d.) stun as soon as they would jump on you or run, get all of them ulted, and immediately place a remnant to both spread your ulti to all of them and to silence them as well. get a remnant roll on their team as soon as you can, being sure to not refresh your ulti more than you have to.

another good meme is to silence roll like it's 6.79, (or skipping silence altogether during the initiation X^d) and roll to get directly behind your enemy, proceeding to kick them into your team or even better yet, your tower xdd.
ayy lmao X^d.

an important note to make is that it's usually better to roll before you place a remnant unless you plan to stun them as most people panic hard as **** when you place your stone ayy lmao X^d..

oh and it's gimmicky as **** X^d. but you can pull creeps onto cliffs to use as wards ayy lmao. X^dddddddddd...

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