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KaidenOZ Guide to Skyrape

July 31, 2014 by KaidenOZ
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Sky Rape

DotA2 Hero: Skywrath Mage

Hero Skills

Ruin and Restoration (Innate)

Arcane Bolt

1 3 7 9

Concussive Shot

4 12 13 14

Ancient Seal

2 5 8 10

Mystic Flare

6 11


15 16 17 18

KaidenOZ Guide to Skyrape

July 31, 2014


Skywrath is a very strong, single target assassin who is capable of completely dominating a lane and wrecking a hard carry's day. Most builds I see are based around a mid hero using a bloodstone/agh's combo. Personally, I'm not a fan of solo laning or midding with Dragonus as this really weakens his early/mid game potential.

This is the first build I have done on dota 2 so I will work on upgrading this guide over time. Please forgive the basicness of it til I learn all the ins and outs of the hero builder :P

I have 150+ matches with Skywrath under my belt now...took a while to work out a non-mid build that can totally swing a match in my team's favor. Since putting this one together, I get a lot more satisfaction out of this really potent hero.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this Dragonus build as much as I do.

The Lanes

at level 4 you should be more then capable of roaming into any lane and destroying your target, the reason i don't agree with the mid/solo builds is you are forced to sit in that lane for too long to prevent your solo counter from farming too hard, early game(before level 6 and Mystic Flare) you will have considerable difficulty in taking out a target 1 on 1 if they don't want to stay and fight. concussive shot is useful but without a hard disable most targets can force you to tower dive, which is a bad thing.

Friend's with Benefits

My chosen lane is dual, never tri-lane. Find a hard carry and help him build. Focus on punishing the enemies hard carry while letting yours have free farm. As soon as you hit level 4, start looking for gank opportunities. Your mid will love you if you come in with an arcane seal and a concussive shot.
If you end up on a lane with a hard support, don't despair. Most hard supports do have a solid stun or disable and you are almost guaranteed first blood. Also, keep in mind you don't need a huge amount of farm, so don't be afraid to let your support grab some CS in this case.

Junglers Beware

If the enemy team has a jungler, make sure to take your offlane and cause him maximum punishment. If he is melee(ie. Doom, Lifestealer) you just won Dota. Those 2 hard carries are your meat and gravy. Their early midas push makes them incredibly easy to hunt and kill at level 1 if you get the right positioning. Once you have level 4, it's pretty much GG for them, unless they abandon the jungle for a lane.

The Build

Early Core cost to complete: 2765 gold total
Full Core cost to complete: 8715 Gold total
Late Game cost to complete: 17025 Gold total

But I'm not a support.
No, Dragonus is not a support and should never be played as one unless there are no other options. While you are not a carry, your ability to dominate early/midgame should be exploited to the max. If you have to support in some small way, dropping a mantle for a courier or wards is possible but ill advised as it can slow your core.

Magic Wand
Completing a wand is dependent on your opponents. Always buy the iron branches, then when the lanes are decided, make the call to upgrade depending on the spamminess of your opponent.

Urn Of Shadows
This item is a must have. Dragonus is soft, he is always soft, and the only time he has a large HP pool, your enemy has more than enough punch to remove it just as fast. Keep in mind, you will be killing, so having a way to keep your regen up is needed and this is your item. With small mana regen plus some strength for survivability and unlimited health, it's your best friend.

Arcane Boots
These are self-explanatory. While your main spells are relatively cheap, once mystic flare is up, you will have mana problems. Getting mana boots nice and early gives you the ability to full combo a target at level 6 with a few bolts to spare. If you're similer level or higher, whoever you decide to **** on is dead.

Null talismans X2
I always tend to build these as a small buff to all stats as I move towards my force staff. Nothing special here, just nice cheap stats that are easily disposable when your inventory starts filling. Keep in mind any bonus to int means more arcane bolt damage.

Force staff
Once you get this, the game changes. Dragonus is inherently fast. With force staff, you gain the ability to really initiate or escape if the situation runs against you. This is your first core and it is a game changer. Force staffing in and ****ting on your target is the play, and most enemies are dead before they can react. Don't like fighting Meepo's? Force staff one out of the pack and blow a load on his face.

Eul's Scepter
This is another nice, cheapish int buff and your primary defence item. Use it to block Sniper assassinates, ruptures, and other high damage nukes. The extra speed boost is always good. Also good for disabling channels and making sure someone doesn't escape.

What?!? No Bloodstone and Agh's?
Bloodstone and Agh's between them are close to 10k gold, worth more than your total core build. Most matches, I have less than 40 last hits and fund myself on kills. These 2 items are strictly late game, a place Dragonus never wants to be. When the enemy's hard carries start getting to the 40-50 min mark, things are bad. These 2 items can help with that since being able to drop your alt 3 times on a single mana load is possible. Still, while it's awesome to do, you really don't want to have to get them since your strong time in the game is well and truly over.


Arcane Bolt
Skywrath launches a slow-moving bolt of arcane magic, dealing damage to an enemy unit based on Skywrath's intelligence.
BASE DAMAGE: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120
Mana :70
Cooldown: 5 4 3 2

At level 1 with the recommended build, you will be doing 117 damage from each arcane bolt and 53 per right click. Easy 170 damage before resists for 70 mana if followed up by a right click. No other hero at level 1 will be able to take you in a 1 on 1 with your damage output so make sure to contest the early runes.

This is a decent scaling, slow travel speed, very spammable nuke. At 70 mana and a 2 second cool down at level 4. you can really mess up people with it. Its early game potential is fantastic for harass. I generally wait til I have it level 2 before using it too heavily, since at level 1 you can deplete your mana very quickly. Use it as needed but don't blow your load too early.

Concussive Shot
Skywrath sets off a long range shot that hits the closest hero within a long range. Upon impact, it deals damage and slows in an area of effect.
SLOW: 40%
DAMAGE: 60 / 120 / 180 / 240
Mana: 110
Cooldown: 20 18 16 14

Long range slow with low damage and small AOE. Good to keep targets in your ulti, useful to escape and initiate with,but otherwise, not the greatest spell. I have seen some builds center around it, but with its longish cooldown, poor damage and higher mana cost than AB, I level this once at 4 then forget about it til later.
Side note....having problems with an ilusion hero? Fire off concusive shot and use it to locate your real target andfollow up with Ancient Seal to keep him marked while you tear him a new *******.

Ancient Seal
Skywrath seals the targeted unit with an ancient rune, silencing it and causing it to take additional damage from spells.
DURATION: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
MAGIC RESISTANCE REDUCTION: -30 %/ -35 %/ -40 %/ -45%
Mana: 80 90 100 110
Cooldown: 11

Ancient Seal is a fantastic silence and magic damage amp. 30% at level 1 is just brutal, although you want this leveled up as fast as you can after AB for the extra silence duration. Remember to use it smartly though. Just because you can dump it on the carry for extra damage, it can be used to disable channels as well and will shut down the enemy nukers for its duration even when they are not your primary target. Great anti Black Hole, Shackles, Ice Nova, etc spell.
Side note...make sure to co-ordinate with your other single point nukers when using AS so the target takes all the extra damage from its boost.

Mystic Flare
Skywrath uses his ultimate magical ability to conjure a precise and violent mystical field that lays waste to his adversaries. Deals massive damage distributed evenly among any Heroes in the area over 2 seconds.

Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
DAMAGE: 600 / 1000 / 1400
Mana: 350 575 800
Cooldown: 60 40 20

Dragonus' ultimate is a great single target nuke capable of unleashing huge damage on a single target. Keep in mind its damage is diluted if hitting multiple heroes. Save it for the squishies like Sniper or Drow for maximum enjoyment or for having an ulti battle with channeled supports. Agh's removes the cooldown but at level 3, requires 800 mana to cast. Most builds are only capable of 2 consecutive casts. You can do 3 with this build but again, if you have Agh's and Bloodstone, the game's gone too long and you are probably going to lose.

Game Play

Dealing with invis hunters like Riki, Bounty Hunter, or Nyx should always be a priority. Your main core costs a little over 8k gold total, so don't be afraid to buy sentries or dust depending on need. Sentries for defence, dust for offence. If you have a hostile Riki on the enemy team, drop a sentry if you are stopping to farm a lane. Seeing him first is paramount. Due to the inherently soft nature of invis heroes, seeing first means there is almost no escape for them and you gain a kill for 100 gold.

Skywrath struggles to push lanes so don't try unless you absolutely have to. Focus on the ganks. If there's a fight, you need to be there.

Always punish the junglers. If they aren't questioning your parentage and making threats against your family in all chat, you're doing it wrong.

Positioning is everything. If you're going for a single target, dive in and kill. Once the 5 man team fights fire up, try to position out of the main pack and move in or out of the fight with force staff. Eul's up if you're being focused and use your urn to keep friendly heroes health up.


to be continued.....

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