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Kaboom! Clockwerk Goblin Guide Mini

November 27, 2011 by flashspyro3
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Item and Skills

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

2 3 5 7

Power Cogs

8 12 13 14

Rocket Flare

1 4 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Kaboom! Clockwerk Goblin Guide Mini

November 27, 2011


My first guide ever.I'm a noob at creating guides so you will see no icons , no underline Clockwerk is a tanky carry. You can get beyond godlike if you follow this guide. This guide will help you win game every match and own them yeahhh


Starting Items
2x Gauntlets of Strength - will give you health and damage and help you with your lane
Tango - you know give you hp even when they attack you
Healing Salve - when you have low health this will help you stay in your lane longer
Clarity - every time you harass your enemy with rocket flare consume this thing and you can harass them again and again
Ironwood Branch - give you stats
Quelling Blade - when you farm and consume a thing or sell a thing buy quelling blade and it will help you farm creeps

Core Items
Phase Boots - help chase enemies
Bottle - help you kill and harass more
Vanguard - survivability , health , health regeneration ,and help you to tank enemies
Bracer - survivability early game , damage , tank.

Luxury Items
Aghanim's Scepter - reduce your hooks cd and you can hook allies and you will increase your stats , health and mana
Heart of Tar***que - tank enemies , increase damage and health
Pipe of Insight - reduce magic damage , support allies
Radiance - damage and damage overtime

After you have luxury items you can replace your power threads into boots of travel and you'll have more push.

If you want clockwerk with DPS look at the situational luxury items.


Battery Assault - when enemies are attacking you activate this and kaboom they will back. it's useful for chasing and escaping.
Power Cog - enemies escaping? no they can't. activate it when they are near you or you want them to be push back
Rocket Flare - harass , map control , and killsteal?
Hookshot - damage , chase , escape (with aghanims) , stun AOE. you wont escape with my hookshot!! activate it when your cog is a failure or when the enemy is far you and for team fights

Pros / Cons

Good skill
Map control
DPS skill
Good in team fights
Recommended hero
Good ganker

Lack of mana
Skill dependent
Low attack speed
Big skill cooldown
Hookshot can always be a failure

Guide Point

Follow this guide and kaboom you will own them
Always harass them with rocket flare
Cog enemy near you so they can't escape
Hookshot escaping enemy if necessary
When fighting always activate Battery Assault
Hookshot is also good at teamfights
Practice your hooks
Be Pro

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