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Just vacuum to the high ground and leave em there :P

August 7, 2012 by steveenator
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Dark vader

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Just vacuum to the high ground and leave em there :P

August 7, 2012


This is my first guide so don't hate me. I'm not going to put the lore in cause really who reads it?

Dark seer is a pretty good jungler if he is able to stack jungle creeps. He's a good harasser with his ion shell and can seperate team mates and force them into a bad position. If you have watched Dotacinema's top 10 weekly. Then you should probably know that he can use his vacuum and move them into the high ground.


Vacuum This well be a important skill when team fighting however will not be very effective in its early levels and early game. It also allows your ult Wall of replica to work cause they're not walk into it unless it's their only choice. This spell can also be an aid if an enemy is trying to escape, also stops channeling abilities. ALSO IF YOU CAN GET AN ENEMY ONTO THE HIGHGROUND, leave him there. And please send me a video cause my team mates are not cheap skates like me and kill them. If you leave them there it can result in an easy win.

Ion Shell Ion shell is his primary damage source other then his ult. This is a good spell if you are trying to push or jungle. However stack creeps if you are planning to jungle. Wait around 52 secs and pull the jungle creeps out of their camp. You can do this around 3 times and then use your ion shell to collect your gold. However use your ion shell on the target with the lowest hp since it can reduce how much health you lose.

Surge This spell allows you get to the max speed for a duration. This is probably your only escape spell and catch up spell.

Wall of Replica Wall of replica is annoying as hell and can be upgraded via aghanims scepter. This will increase their damage dealt. The illusions will have higher damage then the real thing O.O. Mind blown.

Pros and cons

Good escape mechanisms and can also help out allies
is extremely annoying
Can be almost useless if killed a couple of times early game.
can easily fail your ult if they are not close enough for vacuum and die.


Dark seer is not a complicated hero unless you don't know when to use your ult and who to apply your ion shell on. Dark seer is a fun hero if you don't wanna play overly complicated heroes such as skeleton king, I'm joking, invoker.

If you like this guide please vote up and if you hate it please vote up. I will give 5 dollars to who ever comments first and that will be me of course.

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