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Jungle Troll Warlord

January 14, 2015 by ximmelv
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Destroyer of Ancients

DotA2 Hero: Troll Warlord

Hero Skills

Berserker's Rage

2 12 13 14

Whirling Axes (Ranged)

4 8 9 10

Whirling Axes (Melee)

4 8 9 10


1 3 5 7

Battle Trance

6 11 16



Jungle Troll Warlord

January 14, 2015

The early game

When you get into the game the first thing you want to do is buy a quelling blade and run to the jungle. in the jungle you want to clear the trees at the radiant 'middle lane medium camp' and for the dire the 'river medium camp'(as pictured below).


Stacking is very important since you want to get rolling as fast as possible. Since the creeps spawn at both 0:30 and 1:00 you will not be able to kill all the creeps in the first camp so you should stop hitting around 0:48 seconds so you can stack. You want to rush a 'Morbid Mask' so you can switch to melee and tank the creep camps. After you have your lifesteal you want to build 'Phase Boots' which increases your farm speed.

For the Radiant you want to stack at 0:55 and for the Dire at 0:54

Every time the middle camp is empty you want to stack the nearest hard camp.Cut on the radiant the following trees away to save time,

Once you get your 'Helm of the Dominator' you want to take control of a big bird(In the rare case there is none of those in your stack you can get a centaur and use him to tank and stun) and use his Tornado on the stacked hardcamp. You can use the units under your control to stack the ancients.

Getting active

Once you have your 'Phaseboots' and 'HotD' you continue to jungle untill you find a 'Frost ogre' you want to take control of the 'Frost Ogre' with your HotD, buy a smoke, smoke yourself and the Frost Ogre and kill roshan while your under the effects of the Frost Ogre's 'Frost armor' skill.

Now you have the 'Aegis' you can start pushing towers with your ultimate and/or get pickoffs. Build your Sange and Yasha, Skadi and finish your Satanic. You can have these items before the 30 minute mark if you play and farm smart. At this point you will be extremely strong and you can finish the game if you team up and simply start pushing the remaining towers and racks.

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