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Jungle/Gank enchantress

July 16, 2013 by ThanatosUD
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Jungle/Gank enchantress

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

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Jungle/Gank enchantress

July 16, 2013


This build is based on two core items - aghanim's scepter and eul's scepter of divinity and ganking/chasing/kiting gameplay style.


Max enchant first and use it to gank from jungle often.
Untouchable vs natures attendants - choose whichever your like best (I usually take both of them in turn).

Items + gameplay style

Start with robe of the magi (it gives u extra mana and damage), take wards and head to jungle. Place ward where u can see rune and in the jungle where it meets the lane (from where U will come to gank).
Finish your treads first and then go for components of the scepter that give you mana/hp first and buy agility latest. Get eul's scepter of divinity - its one of the most cost effective items for enchantress (you need everything it gives you - movement speed for chasing and kiting, mana and mana regen to fuel your very mana hungry but devastating ultimate, a bit of extra damage + amazing disable/extra escape mechanism in form of cyclone!). You should be warding and ganking or jungling when u have spare minute at this stage of the game. Wards are extremely important to stage ganks and avoid being ganked yourself in jungle or your singlelaner and it is your duty to buy them! In teamfights, try to keep your distance form your enemies - this will increase your dps greatly. If your enemy gets close - back off! Your passive and eul's extra speed should help you with kiting. Use cyclone on yourself if you get focused and back off a little when u land + use natures attendants to heal any damage u received. Cyclone your allies to save them or your enemies to help catch up in chasing or interrupting channeled spells.
Late game - leave jungle and help your team (you will not outfarm carries anyway)! Go for bloodstone for extra tankiness + endless mana supply for your ultimate or go for orchid to nuke single enemy hero (its esp good to use against farmed enemy carry). Scythe of vyse will also add extra disable plus some more mana/ mana regen and damage.

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