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Jungle Furion as a Carry/Pusher

July 25, 2012 by VanDiest
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Jungle Carry Furion

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Jungle Furion as a Carry/Pusher

July 25, 2012


When starting off, and you're jungling, Stay in mana pool, Create trees next to mana pool and send them to jungle when jungle camps are about the spawn. This way you regain the mana back and have trees that last long enough to kill the first jungle camp.

ALWAYS be pushing, You're Nature's Prophet, that is your role.

When being chased and the enemies chasing you have no AoE stuns, Trap yourself in your trees and TP out.

Always watch the map and look for best times to Push side lanes on your own.

If your team can manage pushing without you, Push side lanes.

Jungle Route

Jungle route is about the same for every jungle hero, but heres a pic I made to help you out.

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