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Jungle Frenzy - Maximising Faceless

August 8, 2012 by NotSureIf
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 5 7

Time Dilation

2 12 13 14

Time Lock

4 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Jungle Frenzy - Maximising Faceless

August 8, 2012


Faceless after attaining a Hand of Midas via last hitting in lane can massively increase farming capability. By focusing on the Hand of Midas before buying the Mask of Madness will allow consistent farm gain throughout the game and extra XP from using the Midas on the largest neutral creeps available. By following the item and skill build, Faceless will attain a considerable amount of attack speed, boosting the likelihood of bash chance while maximising damage output.

Pros / Cons


-Very destructive late game
-Powerful disable, capable of shutting down an entire team
-Excellent escape mechanism
-Great and versatile


-Very underpowered early game
-Difficult to solo a lane versing two other heroes
-Needs considerable farm to be effective (like most carries)
-Mana can be an issue

Skill Build

Generally I get follow the skill build provided above. Having Time Leap at level 1 will provide you with a method of escape will attaining those valuable last hits in lane that will go towards the Hand of Midas. Having one skill in Backtrack will bolster your survivability slightly while you farm towards your Morbid Mask in the Jungle. The mask will maximise your jungling stability. Generally after these 2 skills at levels 1 and 2, I recommend you max out your Time Leap and Time Lock as they are crucial components in performing ganks that will get you additional farm. Remember to get your ultimate as soon as it's available to you as it has the potential to shutdown an entire team and can also almost guarantee a 100% gank chance.

Item Build

Starting off with a set of Tangos and a Gloves of Haste may seem risky at first, but the extra attack speed from the Gloves will greatly assist you in achieving those last hits. Tangos for survivability. Its also very useful to have those Gloves from square one as they can be immediately changed into a Hand of Midas.

Once you obtain the Hand of Midas, head to a large creep camp in the Jungle, take note this is not the Ancients or Roshan. The extra attack speed provided by the Hand of Midas will increase the likelihood of your Time Lock and will aid you in getting farm towards your Morbid Mask, which will eventually become the Mask of Madness.

After this you definitely need to get Boots of Speed and Gloves of Haste, which will then go towards your Power Treads. To maximise the usefulness of your Power Treads, be sure to check out this useful commentary by DotaCinema at the link (Trust me, you'll notice the difference in game and the actual guide begins at around 1:00)

Following along the item build shown at the top of this guide has shown promise for me in the past as it not only increases your damage but provides True Strike, extra attack speed for sustainability with your Mask of Madness, Mini stuns and Evasion. Crucial for a hard carry such as Faceless

Team Work

Basically as Faceless you need to access the following:

-Is the enemy team bunched up?
-How many heroes are around to assist you?
-If not can you handle the fight yourself and do it safely?

Essentially, Faceless's Chronosphere is one of the most powerful disables in the game as it can trap an entire team and shut them down while your team and yourself just raze them with spells, skills and auto attacks. However it is not essential to use your ultimate on one hero. In my opinion that would be a waste. Nevertheless it is your decision as the player to make that judgement.

If you decide to pounce on one enemy hero and end up getting surrounded, disabled, take a considerable amount of damage and find it difficult to escape, be sure to have team members with you to assist you. Even though you are a carry, Dota 2 is a team based game so you must work as a team to perform successfully. As your team has assisted you early game with obtaining your Hand of Midas remember to try and assist them late game by saving them from potential ganks or helping them obtain kills themselves AS WELL as getting your own.

Simple notion. If you try to start a fight on your own, attempt to do so safely. Be assured there are no other enemy heroes that can interrupt or even turn the fight in their favour.


1)When ganking, utilise your Time Leap to slow and incapacitate your enemies
2)Avoid locking down your own team in Chronosphere
3)Evaluate possibilities and act on them


Hopefully this guide has provided another method of play for Faceless Void. Feel free to drop a comment and express your opinion.

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